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Marco Brambilla @MarcoBrambi
RT @AntidotNet: Aravindan Raghuveer,winner with his team of the #WWW2012 "Metadata Challenge" http://t.co/89Z1w9LK http://t.co/i0M6aYJ5
Jose San Pedro @jsanpe
Robotic user Lilly gives automatic answers to questions in Yahoo Answers. She has fans and 13% of her answers selected as best! #www2012
Chouffy @TheChouffy
RT @cedricmoullet: #www2012 Quite funny to hear everyone claiming for openness but working on an Mac and having an iPhone and an iPad
UOHumanites @UOHumanites
lien vers le département de digital humanities à King's college london : http://t.co/4PPu65eb #www2012 #digitalhumanities
Mary Ellen Zurko @mzurko
"Online Modeling of Proactive Moderation System for Auction Fraud Detection " #www2012
Pierre Col @PierreCol
RT @AntidotNet: Aravindan Raghuveer, winner with his team of the #WWW2012 "Metadata Challenge" with this app: http://t.co/TKpKr4VW http://t.co/Xub588pT
Yves Moreau @Yves_Moreau
La présenta° me confirme dans l'imp. de savoir modéliser et représenter des syst. de pensées complexes, importance du #mindmapping #www2012
communes.com @communes
#www2012 #Lyon - capitale du web en 2012- s’interroge sur le futur numérique http://t.co/4wnbUula
Antoine Lefeuvre @JiraiSurfer
@vincentalheure On ne s'est finalement pas croisé à la #www2012 et je n'ai vu #iGirouette que tard et éteinte http://t.co/tsA5maD3 Next time
Jean-Pierre Berthet @jpberthet
RT @harryhalpin: #www2012 Fabrizio Sestani announced "Platform of Collective Intelligence" around 40 million euros from EC, resonates with Stiegler's talk.
ArjumandYounus @ArjumandYounus
The Web has a social memory says Sung-Hong Myaeng of #KAIST at #webscience #www2012
Hideaki Takeda @takechan2000
Androidぬいぐるみ、会場で増殖中。#www2012 http://t.co/WqxlzFFK
Tamas Jambor @jamborta
interesting talk by @sibel_adali on the relationship btw behavioural n linguistic features.#www2012 http://t.co/V7JTAmws /cc @danielequercia
Marco Brambilla @MarcoBrambi
RT @ArjumandYounus: The Web has a social memory says Sung-Hong Myaeng of #KAIST at #webscience #www2012


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