2010年10月4日夜、Twitter上で「出身地のDerryが懐かしい」とか、「何かのスポーツのDerryのチームの試合の実況」とか、ある歌手のファンによる「デリーに来てください」的なメッセージや、極めて日常的な個人の言葉が流されてくる中、突然「今、爆弾が爆発した」という複数のtweetsが……。 BBCやSKYなど大手メディアが「デリーでカーボムが爆発、死傷者なし」を報じたのは、それから1時間5分後でした。その間、Twitterユーザーが情報を求め、ようやく大手の報道が出てくる様子を中心にまとめました。 大手報道が出てきてしばらく経過するまでは、情報錯綜段階のものも含め、見つかったtweetはほぼ全て入れてあります(情報が重複しているものは除く)。資料的な意味で、それ系のあれですら入れてありますのでご注意ください。
Bobby T @123bobbyt

The rain in Hollywood today is looiking like Derry N Ireland's rain. Home sick.

2010-10-05 04:24:14
Catherine Jennings @pixramsay

Hallowe'en in Derry's great craic.Except all the wee girls put the word 'sexy' in front of their costume as as excuse to wear v little. Eek.

2010-10-05 05:00:54

UK City of Culture Derry Londonderry Launch New Business Directory and Community Portal - did you have a look?

2010-10-05 06:11:02
SeacoastNHTweets @SeacoastTweets

Derry father and son face drug charges after police search home: DERRY - A father-and-son pair are facing felony d...

2010-10-05 06:23:10 @nhhssports

Today's game: Londonderry at Hollis/Brookline volleyball. Matchup of last year's DI champ against last year's DII champ.

2010-10-05 06:51:15
Cliona @Clionafication

oh, can someone do me a favour, just @ reply me saying 'gig in derry' so I'll remember to ask my mum in the morning. :')

2010-10-05 07:30:02
babysoso @ohbysoso

@sessionclub any chance of a set in derry? nerve centre? love your mix tape

2010-10-05 07:32:12
#Яﻉbel @MrDerryDude

@NadineWorldwide YES ... Mine is - will you perform in Derry soon??

2010-10-05 07:44:40
Laura @Laurax_

@NadineWorldwide YESSSSS. will you be coming to Derry soon nadine? Or anywhere in Ireland where we can go see you :) xx

2010-10-05 07:44:42
Mícheál Ó Domhnaill @PsyMOD

@NadineWorldwide Nadine will you be performing in Derry at all? How about if Insatiable goes #1 we get a free gig?

2010-10-05 07:49:50
Laura @Laurax_

@NadineWorldwide Jeeeeeez this is some craic! everyones going mad tweeting you! But will you come to Derry sometime soon? let us know :)xx

2010-10-05 07:59:04
xlan @xlanplays

Pretty sure bomb just went off in Derry

2010-10-05 08:04:31
Johnny Cullen @JohnnyCullen

Also, I think a bomb just went off in Derry. Again.

2010-10-05 08:04:37
Donal Doherty @thedonal

sounds like a bloody big bomb went off in Derry

2010-10-05 08:05:45
Kevin Burns @_KevinBurns

Anyone else hear a bomb in Derry, or was that just me? It's 00:05, 5th October.

2010-10-05 08:06:10
Adam McPeake @adammcpeake

Hearing rumours of an explosion in derry just minutes ago... any one know anything?

2010-10-05 08:06:26
John Adams @Johnolz

Peeps are saying bomb in derry? again?

2010-10-05 08:06:45
garry @repeattofade

Another bomb? Derry really is the City Of Culture.

2010-10-05 08:06:54


n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills 2010年10月5日
現地朝になった後のもの(政界の反応など)を追記。(re: 10月5日のデリーのボム)
n o f r i l l s /共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills 2010年10月6日