Embedded Linux Conference 2014 day 2 #lfelc

asca2 @asca2

.@tetsu_koba さんの「Embedded Linux Conference 2014 day 1 #lfelc」をお気に入りにしました。 http://t.co/EXO2sDjRpS

2014-04-30 12:47:15
Drew Fustini 🐧 @pdp7

Well that was awesome! Pleased I came to my first Embedded #Linux Conference. 10th anniversary, no less http://t.co/wm8LlRmKM1 #lfelc

2014-04-30 13:07:22
Drew Fustini 🐧 @pdp7

The Device Tree birds of a feather at the end was fascinating like watching the kernel mailing list IRL. Looking forward to tomorrow! #lfelc

2014-04-30 13:12:36
belenpena @belenpena

Can't really see it, but he was building with Hob at the #yoctoproject BoF #lfelc http://t.co/Qss4uykZZv

2014-04-30 21:14:03
Drew Fustini 🐧 @pdp7

Bought my 1st souvenir in San Jose. Blue PLA from @TechShop​ "giftshop" for my @Printrbot​ Simple back home. #lfelc http://t.co/51agWVx5SI

2014-04-30 21:53:25
koba @tetsu_koba

#lfelc Good morning! Embedded Linux Conference day 2

2014-05-01 00:00:01
koba @tetsu_koba

「Embedded Linux Conference 2014 day 2 #lfelc」をトゥギャりました。 http://t.co/XbOuaKOJXi

2014-05-01 00:04:32
手ぎつねの人(射影前) @_handyfox

.@tetsu_koba さんの「Embedded Linux Conference 2014 day 2 #lfelc」をお気に入りにしました。 http://t.co/eFsWJvMtM4

2014-05-01 00:05:43
koba @tetsu_koba


2014-05-01 00:18:13
koba @tetsu_koba


2014-05-01 00:21:07
koba @tetsu_koba

5月にLinuxCon Japanがありますが、室温低いと思います。去年もそうでした。防寒を忘れずに。

2014-05-01 00:23:04
koba @tetsu_koba

#lfelc Keynote Panel: IoT and the Role of Embedded Linux and Android

2014-05-01 00:50:51
LF Events @EventsLF

Good morning from #lfabs and #lfelc! Today's keynotes will start in 10 minutes. Follow these hashtags for live updates.

2014-05-01 00:51:28
Joshua Lamorie @joshualamorie

My fears allayed. Poky-tiny build of @yoctoproject for meta-xilinx zedboard < 2 hrs. <8 MB rootfs with opkg. Sweet! #lfelc

2014-05-01 01:00:02
LF Events @EventsLF

Keynote panel takes the stage to discuss #IoT and the Role of #Embedded #Linux and Android at #lfabs and #lfelc. http://t.co/2aSdrLbX9Z

2014-05-01 01:06:13
koba @tetsu_koba

#lfelc 「IoTとはいろいろなところに数百万などたくさんのコンピュータが埋め込まれること。どういうことになるのかまだ誰にもわからない。」

2014-05-01 01:08:44
koba @tetsu_koba


2014-05-01 01:12:48
LF Events @EventsLF

Panelists include Benjamin Zores, Tim Bird, Matt Porter, and David Anders, moderated by Karim Yaghmour. #lfabs #lfelc

2014-05-01 01:13:02
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