現地時間11/28-12/6、選挙翌日から。 12/1現在、死者数2013名、患者数41222名。 こちらの続き。↓↓↓ 1: (10/20-11/15:発生から死者千人に迫るまで) 続きを読む
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2010-11-29 00:00:00
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2010-11-29 14:00:00
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2010-11-29 18:00:00

#Haiti Candidates are working to intercept youth support & gain @Wyclef endorsement. Wyclef isn't supporting any candidate (Via @AFAceAFAce)

2010-11-29 19:08:55
be bee #warriors @ekojni

IT'S A GREAT NEWS!!!!! RT @AFACeAFACe #Haiti Wikileaks has 1,925 documents regarding Haiti that will soon be released. @Wyclef

2010-11-29 19:13:33

How much suffering in #Haiti before we conclude Clinton, UN ,NGOs can't deliver their promises? (Via @AFAceAFAce)

2010-11-29 20:11:37
RAMhaiti @RAMhaiti

Wyclef spent the day with candidate Michel Martelly yesterday #Haiti Elections

2010-11-29 20:18:52

French expert says Haitian cholera must have come from abroad - RFI #Haiti

2010-11-29 20:26:05
RAMhaiti @RAMhaiti

Preval GOVT was doing everything it could to have a low turnout. They tried to make the election process confusing #Haiti @Only4RM.

2010-11-29 20:32:44
RAMhaiti @RAMhaiti

Press conference on voting day.. Press swarms Michel Martelly #Haiti Election

2010-11-29 20:37:38
RAMhaiti @RAMhaiti

The candidates meet the press to denounce massive fraud. Martelly speaks to Manigat #Haiti

2010-11-29 20:41:34

@RAMhaiti - #HAITI getting it DONE! Pray the USA grows a spine and follows through for President Obama. Peace is t

2010-11-29 20:42:05
Berry Lamy @LeveHaiti

So Preval wants to leave #Haiti, let's see who stops him. Serious folks, this pattern has to stop.

2010-11-29 20:55:42
Aashika @aashikadamodar

"This is an earthquake of an election. This will divide the country, not unite it." - L. VOLTAIRE #Haiti

2010-11-29 21:07:34
Berry Lamy @LeveHaiti

US media not interested in #Haiti #Elections. Limited or no coverage at all. They don't really care about us! @jacquiecharles.

2010-11-29 21:16:31

Lack of security and fraud mark Haitian election - EnerPub #Haiti

2010-11-29 21:19:32

@Wyclef Jean will hold a press conference about #Haiti elections at 10.30 at the Karibe Convention Center (Haiti)

2010-11-29 21:49:17
Mission MANNA @MissionMANNA

RT @CharlieEckert: Child scavenges box at polling site PAP. Frustrated voters trashed site earlier in day #Haiti

2010-11-29 21:53:23
David Common @davidcommon

#Haiti quiet after elxn fraud. But fuel is in the streets. Will there be a match? Could stay calm until results released Dec 7

2010-11-29 22:21:31
Paul Clammer 😷 @paulclammer

A quiet start here in Port-au-Prince, wondering what today will bring. Schools are closed for the day. #Haiti

2010-11-29 22:26:40
Paul Clammer 😷 @paulclammer

Scanning voter rolls at Freres: many voters complained they hadn't been listed. #Haiti

2010-11-29 22:36:01
Paul Clammer 😷 @paulclammer

CEP officials with ballot papers, Canape Vert polling station. #Haiti

2010-11-29 22:37:46


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