3/7(日本時間)にPaul Allen氏(@PaulGAllen)がつぶやいた戦艦武蔵から発見された文書を分かる範囲内で読み解いてみました。
Paul Allen @PaulGAllen

Musashi a few new discoveries today, including more Japanese writing, any translation help appreciated

2015-03-07 16:49:19
拡大 @3103net

@PaulGAllen Considering technical terms in this document, It seems to be the manual of MUSASHI's catapult.

2015-03-07 17:04:48 @3103net

@PaulGAllen Most Left Colum is fully read. 九手入後ハ必ズ射出状態二復旧スベシ means #9. After the mainteinance, you must return launch mode.

2015-03-07 17:25:17 @3103net

@PaulGAllen Next 2 coulums shows one continuous operation, and numbered 8. 八作動筒手入れ装置二依...  子の手入ヲ行フベシ。

2015-03-07 17:31:05 @3103net

@PaulGAllen It means #8 actual tube maitenance device... should maintain child(device?).

2015-03-07 17:31:56 @3103net

@PaulGAllen Further next 2 columns show one continuous operation, and numbered 7. 七滑走車後端ノ  子ヲ作動筒ヨリ抜出ス

2015-03-07 17:35:10 @3103net

@PaulGAllen It means, #7 Behind the sliding wheels... ...eject child(devices?) from actuation tube.

2015-03-07 17:44:07 @3103net

@PaulGAllen more 1 columns, nuimbered 6. 六滑車筒ト作動筒... It means. #6 Pulley tube and actuation tube...

2015-03-07 17:53:24 @3103net

@PaulGAllen 7 columns from leftmost, top line is lost, so operation number is unknown,

2015-03-07 18:18:38 @3103net

@PaulGAllen And further 2 columns are heavily damaged, so only some word is read fragmentary. 電力.....開始位置 前進

2015-03-07 18:19:18 @3103net

@PaulGAllen It means, electric .... starting point (move) forward.

2015-03-07 18:19:49 @3103net

@PaulGAllen Further next 2 colums (just below red "S" character), seems to be 2 separate operations, but uncertain because No. line is lost.

2015-03-07 18:32:57 @3103net

@PaulGAllen It’s read ??車筐下部子緩衝器ノ関連ヲ解ク ?離脱装置ヲ脱ス It means, Release the Child Bumper at the bottom of pulley? box. Release breakaway device.

2015-03-07 18:37:36 @3103net

@PaulGAllen One column after blank, only 2 columns are read fragmentary. 復帰筒... 滑車筐下方二連結....滑車筐...

2015-03-07 18:52:52 @3103net

@PaulGAllen It means, Returning tube(?)... ..connected at the bottom of the pulley box... pulley box.

2015-03-07 18:55:03 @3103net

@PaulGAllen These are everything that I can read this photo. Thanks for showing (more) hi-res photo, And finding MUSASHI.

2015-03-07 18:56:47 @3103net

@PaulGAllen Title (the rightmost column) "The operation flow of maintaining inside actuation cylinder."

2015-03-08 00:56:30 @3103net

@PaulGAllen ??? means undecoded char(s). #1? In the recoil cylinder ???

2015-03-08 00:57:53 @3103net

@PaulGAllen #2? Disconnect ??? wire and pulley box connected at the bottom of pulley box.

2015-03-08 00:58:00 @3103net

@PaulGAllen #3? Disconnect pulley box and piston bumper.

2015-03-08 00:58:13 @3103net

@PaulGAllen #5? Using electric recoil actuator, advance ??? to the static staring position.

2015-03-08 00:58:42 @3103net

@PaulGAllen #6 Disconnect the connection of pulley box and actuation cylinder.

2015-03-08 00:58:56 @3103net

@PaulGAllen #7 Recoiling ?? at the end of the carridge ?? pull ?? pulley box ?? connect ?? and remove the piston? from actuation cylinder.

2015-03-08 00:59:48