ACM RecSys @ACMRecSys

I just published “The Recommender Systems Community Beyond the #RecSys conference”…

2018-03-02 18:46:19
ACM RecSys @ACMRecSys

If you have ever struggled to explain recommender systems to a wider audience, this visual exploration by @BBVAData is a great resource

2018-03-26 20:34:59
ACM RecSys @ACMRecSys

This year #recsys2018 received 343 submissions! That is a 38% increase from last year! 👏 thanks to everyone who submitted a paper, see you in Vancouver

2018-05-21 18:54:28
ACM RecSys @ACMRecSys

The #RECOVER Workshop at #RecSys2018 organizes a shared task on Conversational Recommender Systems. More details in the CfP:

2018-05-23 02:54:07
ACM RecSys @ACMRecSys

The KaRS Workshop will be part of #RecSys2018 - If you’re working on #recommendation approaches exploiting knowledge #graphs as #dbpedia #babelnet or #freebase think about submitting you contribution

2018-05-29 23:27:00
ACM RecSys @ACMRecSys

The FATREC Workshop CFP is out, allowing to submit the manuscripts submitting to other venues or already published, as well as original manuscripts.

2018-06-06 01:30:00
ACM RecSys @ACMRecSys

We are delighted announce that Elizabeth F. Churchill @xeeliz will be a keynote speaker at #RecSys2018…

2018-06-07 01:31:04
ACM RecSys @ACMRecSys

Our colleagues from @recsyschallenge @SpotifyResearch wrote a very interesting article about the #RecSys2018 challenge, you still have time to join all the teams chasing the big prize! 👩🏽‍🎤🤘🏽🎸🎧…

2018-06-07 19:01:41
ACM RecSys @ACMRecSys

Working on recommendation in complex scenarios? Then consider submitting a contribution to the 2nd workshop on Recommendation in Complex Scenarios #complexrec #recsys2018

2018-06-08 01:30:00
ACM RecSys @ACMRecSys

The RecTour Workshop at #RecSys2018 addresses specific challenges for recommender systems in the tourism domain. See you on Sunday, October 7th, 2018. How to submit and further relevant details can be found here:

2018-06-12 23:15:00
ACM RecSys @ACMRecSys

For 2nd year now: Consider submitting if you research on transfer, multi-domain, or context-aware learning in recommender systems to #RecSysKTL

2018-06-15 02:32:00
ACM RecSys @ACMRecSys

We are delighted to announce that Lise Getoor @lgetoor will be a keynote speaker at #RecSys2018…

2018-06-18 21:16:00
ACM RecSys @ACMRecSys

Only four weeks left to submit your paper to the 3rd #HealthRecSys workshop. We're looking forward to your insights and approaches as short research papers (up to 6 pages) and short position papers (2 pages). All details can be found here:

2018-06-20 01:32:00
Michael Ekstrand @mdekstrand

Do you want to reproduce our #recsys2018 paper? Full scripts are now online. Add 40GB of public data files and 250GB of PostgreSQL, bake for about a week, and enjoy.… #BoiseState #ThisIsResearch

2018-09-14 23:15:47
ACM RecSys @ACMRecSys

We are just week away from #RecSys2018 - we recommend you to use the #RecSys2018 tag and follow @ACMRecSys for all the #recsys related news 🇨🇦

2018-09-15 18:31:24
RecSys Nederland @RecSysNL

Looking forward to #recsys2018! Any of our #RecsysNL followers attending? We’re trying to setup a little @RecSysNL get-together in Vancouver. Like/reply if you’d like to join! @ACMRecSys

2018-09-17 16:02:48
Yves Raimond @moustaki

Schedule and papers uploaded on the #reveal2018 #recsys2018 workshop website:… -- very much looking forward to it!

2018-09-19 00:53:22
Michael Ekstrand @mdekstrand

Just one more week until we see you all in Vancouver for #recsys2018!

2018-09-25 10:36:34
Sole Pera @DrCh0le

Working on final touches for #recsys2018 We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver next week!

2018-09-25 22:26:39
Julia Neidhardt @j_neidhardt

The #RecTour2018 proceedings have been published online by CEUR Workshop Proceedings: They can also be downloaded from the website of the workshop: #recsys2018 #recsys

2018-09-26 04:47:53