AWS Developer Influencer Summit & Serverless Hero Summit / yoshidashingo

2019.8.20(tue)-23(fri) @ Seattle AWS Developer Influencer Summit & Serverless Hero Summit
Sebastian ✊ @sbstjn

Just finished the last full working day for the next ten days. 💪 Next week, I'll be in Seattle for the #AWSDevelopers Influencer Summit. Now is the time to get nervous, feel flattered, and finally get excited. 🥰😳

2019-08-17 00:27:01
Brian LeRoux @brianleroux

Ohai Seattle! Pleased to be here for a cloud quorum. #awsdevelopers 🎉

2019-08-20 00:35:08
Jeremy Daly @jeremy_daly

Heading off to Seattle for the #AWSDevelopers Summit! Looking forward to seeing all my favorite #serverless people! BOS✈️SEA

2019-08-20 05:37:25
Richard H. Boyd @rchrdbyd

I just saw @edjgeek in person. It’s okay to be jealous. #AWSDevelopers. Also, there’s another Munnster that I’ve never seen before. Keep your eyes peeled!!

2019-08-20 06:22:30
Kyle Galbraith @kylegalbraith

Taking the quick flight to Seattle for #AWSDevelopers Influencer Summit. Excited to hang out with folks focused on AWS for a few days. ✈️

2019-08-20 07:22:23
Matthew Bonig @mattbonig

#AWSDevelopers summit starts tomorrow. I haven't been this excited since I got some wrestling trading cards while playing bingo. Yes, that's Rick Rude on the cover of the deck. Yes, that's a Busch Gardens t-shirt Yes, I'm wearing a wildly inappropriate "S&M Microscopes" hat.

2019-08-20 08:30:22
しんご @yoshidashingo

I’m very looking forward to meeting the other AWS Heroes here!! 🍺☀️

2019-08-20 12:59:02
Chase Douglas @txase

About to take off for the #AWSDevelopers summit! Can’t wait to talk #serverless shop with the other leaders in the field!

2019-08-20 13:23:05
Gillian Armstrong @virtualgill

In Seattle this week for #AWSDevelopers Influencer Summit. Sadly @othergill is not here, so I’ll have to make some new friends, and hopefully see some old ones! Just need enough coffee to overcome the time difference 😂☕️

2019-08-20 22:28:15
Kyle Galbraith @kylegalbraith

I'm excited to see what the #AWSDevelopers summit is like. It's going to be great to focus on AWS for a few days.

2019-08-21 00:51:01
Jeremy Daly @jeremy_daly

There is a lot of #serverless brainpower in this room. I think we need a designated survivor. #awsdevelopers

2019-08-21 01:20:12
しんご @yoshidashingo


2019-08-21 01:25:19
Abhay Shah @_abhayshah

Excited to be attending the first #AWSDevelopers conference in Seattle. #DayOne

2019-08-21 01:53:33
しんご @yoshidashingo

AWS Developer Influencer Summitはじまった。まずはML/AIセッションから。MLはあらゆるフルマネージドな基盤としてSageMakerがトレーニングから推論までホストしており、画像認識やレコメンドなどの個別のユースケースに合わせたAIサービスも展開している #awsdevelopers

2019-08-21 02:14:57
Richard H. Boyd @rchrdbyd

@mattbonig just showed me that my mac has Touch ID and it's blown my mind!! #AWSDevelopers

2019-08-21 02:22:04