日本時間4月16日午後、#WeAreAviation のハッシュタグと共にフィンエアー(@Finnair)が「またいずれ競争になるだろうけれど、世界中の航空会社が苦しい状況にある今は貴方たちを応援しています。あなたたちの飛行機の写真を共有するよう、他の航空会社3社を指名をお願いしてください!」とツイート。途中ノリのいいルクセンブルクのルクスエアも乱入(?)しつつ世界の航空会社がアライアンス・国境を越えてリレーを繋いでいます。(増え次第順次追加予定) ◆参加エアライン フィンエアー、ルフトハンザ、ANA、スカンジナビア航空、ノルウェーエアシャトル、スイス航空、ユーロウィングス、エアバルティック、オーストリア航空、ルクスエア、エールフランス、アリタリア、イベリア、エアリンガス、ジェットブルー、ブリティッシュエアウェイズ、エアカナダ
Finnair @Finnair

Hi @SAS, @Fly_Norwegian & @lufthansa, show us your beautiful planes. Here’s our OH-LWD. We’ll compete again when it’s time, right now we are rooting for you. Let’s reach all airlines with a message of support, choose three airlines and ask them to share their pics. #WeAreAviation pic.twitter.com/P7ivcJuEFr

2020-04-16 15:52:55
Lufthansa @lufthansa

Hi @Finnair, what a wonderful idea! Let’s compete later and keep spinning the idea of sharing our beautiful planes. Have a look at our D-AIGX in Frankfurt and show us your beauties @united , @AirCanada and @FlyANA_official . #WeAreAviation twitter.com/Finnair/status… pic.twitter.com/UmHep2qHjy

2020-04-16 22:18:47
@FlyANA_official @FlyANA_official

Hi @Lufthansa, thanks for tagging us! Here is one of our favorite shots of our 787! Until we fly again, we’re tagging our @staralliance members, @SingaporeAir, @Flyasiana and @FlySWISS to show us their aircraft. #WeAreAviation twitter.com/lufthansa/stat… pic.twitter.com/dXISNgtXfQ

2020-04-23 00:09:18
SAS - Scandinavian Airlines @SAS

@Finnair @Fly_Norwegian @lufthansa Thank you, @Finnair! As much as we miss competing with you, we are rooting for you too! Here is a picture of some of our aircraft, parked at CPH. We are looking forward to seeing them in the air again soon! Your turn, @FlySWISS, @FlyWideroe and @airBaltic.💙#WeAreInThisTogether pic.twitter.com/CM8x2cTSBh

2020-04-17 01:00:09
Norwegian @Fly_Norwegian

Thanks @Finnair for the shout out! Here's one of our beautiful Dreamliners on its wings. ✈️ ❤️ We also miss seeing planes and crew from @easyJet, @JetBlue and @flygbra - please join us choosing three airlines and ask them to share their pics too! #WeAreAviation #InThisTogether pic.twitter.com/7RcsXDwvZV

2020-04-17 20:45:44
Swiss Intl Air Lines @FlySWISS

Thank you @SAS for the nomination - dream now, compete later seems like a great idea 💓This is our HB-JMC above a blooming rapeseed field. Now show your beautiful planes @eurowings @helvetic_en @flyedelweiss #swissatheart twitter.com/SAS/status/125… pic.twitter.com/4UWDcuPu2r

2020-04-17 21:54:03
Eurowings @eurowings

Thank you @FlySWISS for the nomination! We miss seeing everyone in the skies, but when all of our handsome airbuses are ready to fly again we look forward to seeing you all soon. Your turn to share what your lineup looks like @SunExpress @lufthansa @Condor twitter.com/FlySWISS/statu… pic.twitter.com/8l8Oedpy5X

2020-04-18 00:17:47
airBaltic @airBaltic

@SAS @Finnair @Fly_Norwegian @lufthansa @FlySWISS @FlyWideroe Thank you @SAS! It’s great to see your beautiful tails again! Here’s a picture of ours at @riga_airport. They can’t wait to meet you and bring the world together again! 🌍 We’d like to see yours @KLM, @_austrian and @etihad #WeAreAviation pic.twitter.com/pXEdWGS9hB

2020-04-17 17:10:28
Austrian Airlines @_austrian

@airBaltic @SAS @Finnair @Fly_Norwegian @lufthansa @FlySWISS @FlyWideroe @riga_airport @KLM @etihad Many thanks @airBaltic! We are looking forward to meeting y'all in the skies and at the airports of this world again! Here is a picture of us @flughafen_wien. We want to see @FlyingBrussels, @FlyANA_official and @united ✈️📸 #WeAreAviation pic.twitter.com/oOfDfrLoWV

2020-04-17 22:30:08
Luxair Luxembourg Airlines @LuxairAirlines

@Finnair @SAS @Fly_Norwegian @lufthansa Hi @Finnair! We are jumping in to share with you guys this nice picture of our Boeing 737-700 on the sunny apron of @luxairport ! @Alitalia, @AirFranceFR, @tapairportugal ... share yours ! #WeAreAviation #Luxair 💙 pic.twitter.com/5qlwcgdv5z

2020-04-17 20:02:10
Iberia_en @Iberia_en

@Alitalia @LuxairAirlines @Finnair @SAS @Fly_Norwegian @lufthansa @luxairport @AirFranceFR @tapairportugal @Delta @Iberia @AerLingus Thank you @Alitalia for the invite. We’ll join with a refreshing photo of one of our A350-900s “Selección Española de Futbol” while wishing you a great weekend. Your turn @cathaypacific @British_Airways @AmericanAir #WeAreAviation pic.twitter.com/VvAYwzsVxw

2020-04-17 23:41:40
Aer Lingus @AerLingus

Ciao @Alitalia. Here's EI-EDY, an A330-300, doing what it does best. Let's hear from @vueling, @British_Airways, and... of course, @Ryanair #WeAreAviation 💚 twitter.com/Alitalia/statu… pic.twitter.com/TODazFkTAD

2020-04-17 23:28:47
JetBlue @JetBlue

Hey @Fly_Norwegian, thanks for the tag! We miss passing your planes in the skies. We think our RetroJet is pretty fly. @HawaiianAir, @AerLingus, and @flyjsx – show us your favorite planes and tag three airlines to do the same! #WeAreAviation #InThisTogether twitter.com/Fly_Norwegian/… pic.twitter.com/hdo6tgxW9m

2020-04-18 00:26:59
JSX @flyjsx

Hey @JetBlue, thanks for tagging us! We ❤️ waving our wings at you around the airport. Here’s a shot of our cool red-striped wing! @porterairlines, @CapeAir, @Icelandair - show us your favorite plane pics! ✈️ #WeAreAviation #InThisTogether twitter.com/jetblue/status… pic.twitter.com/AEff2fLpZd

2020-04-18 03:08:25
British Airways @British_Airways

Thanks @AerLingus and @Iberia_en for the nomination, it's so great to see that we're all coming together despite staying apart. Here's G-XWBA, part of our new A350 fleet. It's your turn @qatarairways, @JAL_Official_jp and @Qantas #WeAreAviation #BATogether ✈️ twitter.com/AerLingus/stat… pic.twitter.com/L7Di9zvgcj

2020-04-18 02:00:52
Air Canada @AirCanada

Thanks @lufthansa! Spreading a little sunshine during these cloudy times is certainly alright with us. Here’s our 777-300 at @FlyYYC. Show us your wings @ThaiAirways @EGYPTAIR @flysaa. 📸: britishcolumbiaaviation(IG) twitter.com/lufthansa/stat… pic.twitter.com/VqqIsjWBLi

2020-04-23 06:35:35