2020/06 CHIPTUNE Vol.2

リンク IiIypad records Cube Chaos, by Razerek 6 track album
Razerek @Razerek_

razerek.bandcamp.com/album/cube-cha… my album is out now, jazz/prog FM chiptune+midi and some other stuff. i hope you enjoy it.

2020-06-06 07:08:44
Chimeratio II @chimeratio_

would highly recommend this album to anyone who enjoys my music. Razerek explores the whole "fm synth math jazz" angle I love, very deeply here! (one track even references some of my own songs!) Very impressive and stimulating album. Maybe even fav 'authentic chiptune' album ever twitter.com/Razerek_/statu…

2020-06-06 08:12:01
Chimeratio II @chimeratio_

It'd be one thing if a *.nsf album of this timbral variety/creativity on its own existed alone. & it'd be another thing for a prog/math rock or jazz fusion album with this composition to exist. but for it to be top tier of both those worlds at once is a rare treat (rare candy)

2020-06-06 08:22:24
κ @konataform

another new @iiiypad_ release!!! 🧊 twitter.com/iiiypad_/statu… credits: @Razerek_ (music, mastering) @deuveir (art)

2020-06-04 06:33:47
chibi-tech✨🧁☕️ @chibitech

In fact, if you want a good example of a black developer making a HUGE influence on videogames from the very beginning, look up Jerry Lawson: the inventor of game cartridges. You should thank him for the hardware format that helped videogames proliferate. engadget.com/2015-02-20-jer…

2020-06-04 08:04:49
🐦 Fairy Donkmother (Aunt Birdy) 🐦 @CircuitBird

Chiptune was around long before chipwin. Chipwin is not chiptune incarnate. There are and will continue to be other chiptune communities. @chiptune4autism raises money for charities aimed at people with autism. Go give them some love!

2020-06-04 08:04:39
cyan @cyanidedansen

Decentralise #chiptune. Stop making "i enjoy the genre" the only criteria to gather people together. That's how shitty people got accepted on chipwin group/comps/etc and were allowed to take root, which comforted other harmful people who felt validated by that. And so on.

2020-06-03 19:00:37
EMi @uglymachine

Regarding Yorkie / Cheapshot / Cheapbeats / Square Sounds: 1. My original tweets bringing the incident to light 2. An “apology” I received from him on Saturday after months of him trying to discredit me afterwards 3. Him continuing to discredit me 4. My thoughts on the subject pic.twitter.com/hN0XGqKFPV

2020-06-04 04:34:32
ちーぷ | James York @cheapshot

Too little too late perhaps, but I apologise to everyone has been affected by my past, drunken behaviour and actions. Full statement here: docs.google.com/document/d/1Oi…

2020-06-04 09:42:04
EMi @uglymachine

This statement is out the gate inaccurate. I attended Square Sounds Tokyo 2016. I met Yorkie’s wife and kids. At the time, I intended it as a gesture to continue to “smooth things over” by the way of not harming his marriage. I have a photo I took as proof twitter.com/cheapshot/stat… pic.twitter.com/SloGFXjAXi

2020-06-04 10:43:56
DonutShoes🍩👟 @DonutShoes

This was a contributing factor to my recent CB exit as well. Truthfully I should have done so a long time ago, there was a part of me that was worried that if I brought stuff up I'd be met with backlash, and I didn't know how to approach friends like Paul for solidarity. twitter.com/PainPerdu8bit/…

2020-06-04 03:23:15
🍞Pain demi🍞 @PainPerdu8bit

Several months ago, I have seen for myself and been made aware of two testimonies, one public and one relayed by a close friend, about James York groping them at a show. 1/x

2020-06-04 00:59:38
MANOSKE マノスケ @manoske_


2020-06-04 12:28:42
MANOSKE マノスケ @manoske_


2020-06-04 12:38:18
MANOSKE マノスケ @manoske_


2020-06-04 12:51:37
とぼけがお & TBKgao(label) @to6okegao

これは問題の1つであって、(おそらく僕が把握していないことも含めて)他にも解決されぬまま今まで続いてしまったことがあることは知っておいて欲しいです それらが原因となって僕はライブに消極的にならざるを得なかった twitter.com/breezesquad/st…

2020-06-04 14:17:37
sdhizumi / S.Kudo @sdhizumi


2020-06-04 08:52:15
sdhizumi / S.Kudo @sdhizumi


2020-06-04 09:04:01
sdhizumi / S.Kudo @sdhizumi


2020-06-04 11:20:18
ニシジマユーキ @_nishijima

メチャメチャありがたい事に最終候補楽曲に選んでいただいて、しかも開発スタッフからコメントも頂いていて既に感無量なんですが、これから最終選考まで引き続きよろしくお願いします!!【第三回チュウニズム公募楽曲】cosmonaut / Yuki Nishijima #sm36660488 #ニコニコ動画 nico.ms/sm36660488?cp_…

2020-06-04 12:28:15
ゆにばす(Computer Music Japan/DTM・音楽機材・新製品・セール) @universe_ex

【無料】コモドール64にインスパイアされたシンセ、SyS Audio Research「Ton-Geraet 1(SyS TG1)」無償配布開始! computermusic.jp/2020/06/%e3%80… @universe_exより

2020-06-04 10:48:17
benji @benji_bleak

also because my mind blanks when i'm adlibbing, check out @pacnoiseworks, @binarychiptune, and so much more! twitter.com/diebenjidie/st…

2020-06-04 10:09:40
cryptic song lyrics @beanscrambles

instead of pining for ChipWIN, cm.o, or 8bc, etc. please check out @Snailzone_ @aBitofchiptune and so many amazing things happening right now! #chiptune Send me stuff to check out always. And there's still a lot happening with folks from @8BitLA, @b1txb1t, and @IOChipmusic

2020-06-04 10:08:01
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