Waverley an anti-Japanese racist says that Japanese education for Nanjing Massacre denial is incorrect. But Japanese history textbooks mention it as a real incident.

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2023-06-16 20:55:32
Libertarian Party NH @LPNH

Pearl Harbor was provoked. 9-11 was provoked. The Russian/Ukraine war was provoked. There are many more. What other wars/interventions were provoked by the US Federal Government? Add them in the comments

2023-06-16 07:21:15
Waverley @Waverley_AX

@vanillatary You're a moron, the reason why they placed an oil embargo was because Imperial Japan was waging a war of expansion and massacring Chinese civilians. Have you ever heard of the Rape of Nanking and Shanghai?? Leaving out important parts of history and pushing disinformation.

2023-06-17 10:20:54
南京の渋多勘八(プロテスティア) @CpgUwAUTee4DPoa

@Waverley_AX @vanillatary a reference for considering the case For comparison with the history of stereotypes Trivia about "it." A description of that 'rape of Nanjing' that many people don't know about. shibutananking.seesaa.net/article/492226…

2023-06-17 13:44:57
Waverley @Waverley_AX

@CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @vanillatary what are you going to tell me next? That the Imperial Japanese won at Midway?

2023-06-17 15:56:28
Waverley @Waverley_AX

@CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @vanillatary yeah whatever, just rewrite everything to make your insane lunatic theories correct and spare you guilt and shame. So what are you gonna tell me next that America also lost at Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, right??? I need evidence because wikipedia lies

2023-06-17 16:10:11
Waverley @Waverley_AX

@CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @vanillatary You're just a lonely coward who cannot face the guilt and shame, so you rewrite insane narratives to ease your lunatic mind.

2023-06-17 16:17:09

I, Emmanuel Chanel joins.

Emmanuel Chanel @Emmanuel_Chanel

@Waverley_AX @CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @vanillatary This is a photograph of Nanjing City on the 5th day of "Nanjing Massacre". Who and when it's taken is known. So it's a real counter-evidence. But you don't try to know. twitter.com/terimakasih000…

2023-06-17 17:11:35
テリマカシ 。。 @terimakasih0001

中国人さん達にお菓子やタバコを配る日本兵、みんなニコニコしてますね。 あ、これ大虐殺5日目の南京。 (◍•ᴗ•◍) pic.twitter.com/1zAJcd2iNc

2023-06-01 18:45:17
Emmanuel Chanel @Emmanuel_Chanel

@Waverley_AX @CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @vanillatary Waverley: Did you really see this photograph of Nanjing City on the 5th day of "Nanjing Massacre". It shows that real situation in Nanjing City then was too far from Nanjing Massacre. pic.twitter.com/ZSQytQ39Ob CC @terimakasih0001

2023-06-18 18:33:37

History Education as the platform of Right Wings? That's Completely Wrong.

Emmanuel Chanel @Emmanuel_Chanel

@Waverley_AX @CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @vanillatary @terimakasih0001 Between the lines, I read your cry that you can't refute anything about Nanjing Massacre logically. Is that a good behavior of well-educated people huh?

2023-06-18 20:56:14
Emmanuel Chanel @Emmanuel_Chanel

@Waverley_AX @CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @vanillatary @terimakasih0001 Huh... This part alone shows that the author didn't check our real history edu contents. No worth reading. >Despite Ienaga’s efforts, since the 1970s ardent Japanese nationalists continued to use history education as a platform to promote their political views.

2023-06-18 21:00:47
Emmanuel Chanel @Emmanuel_Chanel

@Waverley_AX @CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @vanillatary @terimakasih0001 You'd better read our real history textbooks first. These shows the situation far from that quote. これでも読んで勉強しなさい! pic.twitter.com/0Mdh7i7oFw

2023-06-18 21:19:00
Waverley @Waverley_AX

@Emmanuel_Chanel @CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @vanillatary @terimakasih0001 No thank you, I don't care about your lunatic lies, probably brain washed you thinking obscene bullshit.

2023-06-19 02:27:49
Emmanuel Chanel @Emmanuel_Chanel

@Waverley_AX @CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @vanillatary @terimakasih0001 Just you can't face your historical denialism on Japanese education history. Looks that you didn't even saw my two pictures I showed. So you mistook that they deny Nanjing Massacre, heh. With such your low education level, how can you judge various opinions, huh? Too stupid.

2023-06-19 02:34:18
Emmanuel Chanel @Emmanuel_Chanel

@Waverley_AX @CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @vanillatary @terimakasih0001 Your word actually means that you close the eyes to any refutations to you. So you do about your racism on Japanese education. It's your guilt and shame that you should face. But looks you lack intelligence enough to know that, heh.

2023-06-19 02:37:09
Waverley @Waverley_AX

@Emmanuel_Chanel @CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @vanillatary @terimakasih0001 I just have a habit of not agreeing with a moronic inbred barbarian such as you, you can't convince me of anything. Japan produces lots brainless idiots like you. I feel pity that your father abused you.

2023-06-19 02:37:50
Emmanuel Chanel @Emmanuel_Chanel

@Waverley_AX @CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @vanillatary @terimakasih0001 Between the lines, I read your cry that you lack intelligence to discuss Nanjing Massacre and Japanese education issue. So you throw anti-Japanese hate speech instead of showing evidences. You are just a racist.

2023-06-19 02:39:40
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