R.I.P. Toren Smith

I collected reactions about the NEWS of the Manga translating pioneer, Toren Smith passed out. These tweets are written in NOT Japanese. The collection of tweets wrote in Japanese is here; http://togetter.com/li/468518 I am surprised and feel so grad he is loved by so many MANGA fans outside of Japan. I missed him so much. 続きを読む
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Jesse, is tired. @ScreaminJWalkin

The that toren smith page is loading for me now. :(

2013-03-07 12:56:51
猫@あばばばば @uptowneko

Directa o indirectamente, todos los lectores de manga en occidente deben algo a Toren Smith. Si la noticia se confirma, será gran pérdida.

2013-03-07 13:06:32
Alexandre Soares @alex_lancaster

A morte do toren smith pra mim foi uma paulada. ele foi o responsável pela vinda dos mangás pro ocidente antes da tokyopop mudar as regras.

2013-03-07 13:07:18
Geoffrey Bandwagon @GeoffTebbetts

If Toren Smith did pass away a large part of my college years did too. Appleseed, Gunsmith Cats, Oh My Goddess...I owe a TON to these titles

2013-03-07 13:10:05
Zac Bertschy @ANNZac

ANN has confirmation on the passing of Toren Smith. Well, that's awful. Crikey.

2013-03-07 13:18:20
Geoffrey Bandwagon @GeoffTebbetts

The link to the blog that reported Toren Smith's passing away is back up. No real changes. Still unsure if it's true. http://t.co/U6xFiQnyt8

2013-03-07 13:18:49
Ken H. @LostPhrack

@ANNZac: ANN has confirmation on the passing of Toren Smith. Well, that's awful. Crikey.” :(

2013-03-07 13:19:47
Mike Toole @MichaelToole

Goddammit. Toren Smith really is gone. so, so young, too. Death is the worst.

2013-03-07 13:20:29
sukeban hecka ⭕️ @colonydrop

Toren Smith. US manga pioneer. Had a character based on him in Gunbuster. First industry guy to call-out weaboo faux-translations. RIP

2013-03-07 13:20:56
Doug W 🔜 Otakon @VoiceOfDougW

R.I.P. Toren Smith. Now, a ghost out of his shell.

2013-03-07 13:22:09
Elliot G @RyougaSaotome

Ah jeez. Toren Smith has passed away. =( RIP.

2013-03-07 13:22:21
Charred Knight @CharredKnight

I never met the guy but Toren Smith was an important part of the manga community. #RIPTorenSmith

2013-03-07 13:22:44
Lucifer Hunklehead @AmonduulUS

I was not particularly aware of who Toren Smith was prior to his death, but he seems to have been a really cool guy. He will be missed.

2013-03-07 13:22:49
Essence of Anime @Gerald_AWO

Toren Smith is gone. He set one of the highest standards in the industry for manga translation.

2013-03-07 13:23:00
Megatech.Body.Cd.Jer @whydoisay

At least Toren Smith got to be immortalized in Aim for the Top! Gunbuster! I'm only immortalized in shit like Armored Core 2's credits.

2013-03-07 13:25:14
TOFU+BEAST🔞Yakisoba Hemborger @KawaiiMess

Pour one out for Toren Smith, translation warrior, weeaboo fighter, all-around awesome guy. : C

2013-03-07 13:25:16
Link @linkington

Toren Smith passed away? What?!! RIP. That's a huge, huge loss.

2013-03-07 13:25:24
Link @linkington

Man. I'm a little depressed now that Toren Smith is dead. :(

2013-03-07 13:27:25
Golden Ani-Versary @GoldenAni

Toren Smith was a quiet ambassador for his contributions to manga and anime. Words cannot express our gratitude and sorrow. Thank you, Toren

2013-03-07 13:27:47
Matthew Cole @karobit

Well I thought I was having a bad night because of a shithead customer, but it turns out its because Toren Smith died and now it's all crap.

2013-03-07 13:27:47
Galaxia Darkness @MagentaGalaxica

Toren Smith died? I will have to break my usual vow of tolerance and insult some weeaboos in his honor. Rest well, brave pioneer.

2013-03-07 13:29:15
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