INQUA 2015 Nagoya Day 3 (July 28)

Compilation of tweets on XIX INQUA Nagoya, posted on Tuesday, July 28, 2015. Please inform @yaskondo if you want to add your tweets. Tweets on July 27: Conference twitter: @INQUA2015Nagoya
Becky Wragg Sykes @LeMoustier

Come on #INQUA2015 attendees, get live-tweeting those #Palaeolithic-related sessions for those of us who couldn't make it in the end!

2015-07-28 05:19:23
INQUA2015-Nagoya @INQUA2015Nagoya

[Schedule Changed]#INQUANagoya INQUA Focus Group of PASTSOILS Date: Tue 28 July Time: 13:00-14:00 Lunch time Room 131+132

2015-07-28 06:07:24
INQUA2015-Nagoya @INQUA2015Nagoya

[Scedulechanged]#INQUANagoya PALCOMM commission Date: Wed 29 July Time: 19:00 - 20:30 Room: Reception Hall A (Building 1, 4th floor)

2015-07-28 06:10:31
INQUA2015-Nagoya @INQUA2015Nagoya

[Schedulechanged]#INQUANagoya INQUA ECR Committee Meeting (DCR: Early Career Researcher) Date: Sat 1 August Time: 13:00 - 14:00 Room: 431

2015-07-28 06:12:35
Gwydion Jones @gwydsd91

@SwanseaWomble "I've just done a really smelly wee, but i can't flush the toilet!" #ohdear #INQUA15

2015-07-28 07:59:50
Fiona McRobie @nonilovesmaths

Sun's out for the second day of #INQUA2015 and a session on identifying human activity from paleoecological records

2015-07-28 08:54:01
David Nash @davidjnash

Time for a spot of #INQUA2015 live tweeting. First up the Hominin Evolution and Cultural Adaptation in the Quaternary session.

2015-07-28 09:00:47
David Nash @davidjnash

First speaker is Andrew Cohen on the Hominin Sites and Paleolakes Drilling project. Paleoclimate in East Africa from lake cores. #INQUA2015

2015-07-28 09:04:15
David Nash @davidjnash

Cohen: drilling operations in East African terrestrial lake sediments were 24/7 to minimise on site costs #INQUA2015

2015-07-28 09:09:48
Dr Becky Farbstein @beckyfarbs

Listening to papers in "LGM prehistory in N. Europe" session this morn @INQUA2015Nagoya #inqua2015 #archaeology

2015-07-28 09:13:10
David Nash @davidjnash

Cohen: preliminary results only at this stage but potential for records covering key events in Hominin evolution back to >2Ma #INQUA2015

2015-07-28 09:16:45
Wiley Earth and Space Science @wileyearthspace

Never miss @QuaternaryRA_UK 'Journal of Quaternary Science' issues. Sign up for e-table of content alerts #INQUA2015

2015-07-28 09:20:40
Helen @helenC_P

Buy a house for the view, only to have it blocked by a 10m high fault scarp a few years later #INQUA2015 #earthquake

2015-07-28 09:22:30
paleoseismicity @paleoseismicity

Interesting session on #paleoseismology and the #ESI2007 scale now in room 232-233 at the #inqua2015 congress. Come in and find out!

2015-07-28 09:22:32
Owen King @Owen__King

Mark Bateman of @BRITICECHRONO with the best talk of #INQUA2015 so far. Deglaciation of the BIIS around GRIMSBY. Home town fame at last.

2015-07-28 09:22:49
David Nash @davidjnash

Next up Marion Bamford on palaeobotanical records from Lukeino in Kenya from the time of Orrorin tugenensis 6Ma #INQUA2015

2015-07-28 09:23:04
Dr Becky Farbstein @beckyfarbs

Next up: L.Straus on Solutrean and human response to LGM in W. Europe #INQUA2015

2015-07-28 09:26:53
David Nash @davidjnash

Bamford: leaf size/margin and taxonomic data show deciduous forest with cooler temperatures around 6Ma #INQUA2015

2015-07-28 09:27:45
Dr Becky Farbstein @beckyfarbs

Straus: flourishing culture of Gravettian "defeated" by environment during LGM. Human presence becomes "shrinkingly small" #INQUA2015

2015-07-28 09:32:32
Dr Becky Farbstein @beckyfarbs

Straus: "pulses" of occ. during LGM challenge to recover archaeologically at open air sites. LGM record largely caves. #INQUA2015

2015-07-28 09:34:41
David Nash @davidjnash

Kinyanjui: palaeoenvironments at two basin sites in Kenya from phytolith data. Early stages of analysis, no dates yet. #INQUA2015

2015-07-28 09:36:30
David Nash @davidjnash

Next up: Christine Ogola on MSA records from Mt Elgon on the Uganda/Kenya border. #INQUA2015

2015-07-28 09:49:52
Christopher Darvill @chrisdarvill

Excellent overview of Fennoscandian deglaciation by @AStroeven first thing this morning at #INQUA2015

2015-07-28 09:56:02