• Debconf19 のまとめ #DebConf19

    #diversity (For (1/2)Harassment BoF" (no video coverage) 🎥 "Debian Diversity BoF" 🎥 "Geographical Diversity BoF" 🎥 (2/3)a BoF about Geographical Diversity"Is Debian (and Free Software) gender diverse enough?" #diversity #QUILTBAG (3/3)We have buttons #debconf19 #diversity #quiltbag" and the Debian Diversity BoF in a few minutes in #DebConf19#debconf19 #diversity (Photo contains a photo of bare breasts, (1/2)#Debian #debconf presentation on "Debian Diversity BoF" starting in just 10 m... 続きを読む
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  • ASCO 2020: NSCLC (非小細胞肺癌のまとめ)

    Despite this toxicity, the ORR was relatively disappointing (and notably lower than osimertinib) #ASCO20 #LCSMWe can see that the efficacy of selpercatinib and pralsetinib is pretty similar. Both are VERY active.pts with sarcomatoid carcinomas.Here are some data about toxicity - clearly more with the combo (not surprising given irAE's).oligomet definition ✅No⬆️in toxicity w/ addition of SBRT to TKI 🤔⬆️skin toxicity w/o RT (non sig) #ASCO20 #radonc #oncoalert #lcsmWe view toxicity... 続きを読む
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  • ハロプロ2017ログ5月17日

    【@ JAM2017】 5月27(土)28日(日) Zepp DiverCity 27日に こぶしファクトリー が出演! #こぶしファクトリー 他出演者、チケット購入などの詳細はコチラ[Radio(FM)]Radio NEO(名古屋 79.5MHz)『HELLO! DRIVE! -ハロドラ-』18:00-19:00 保田圭/広瀬彩海/小片リサ #ハロドラ【本日発売】DVD『The Girls Live Vol.31』税込3,780円 テレビ東京にて放送中の「The Girls Live 」DVD化の第31弾です🤗✨[EN] Live viewing in Hon... 続きを読む
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  • アブストメモ(2021年9月上旬)

    / Individual differences in anchoring susceptibility: Verbal reasoning, autistic tendencies, and narcissism/ The Predictive Brain Must Have a Limitation in Short-Term Memory Capacity/ Negative affect improves the quality of memories: Trading capacity for precision in…Religious motivation reduces perceived responsibility for and morality of good deeds/ Perceived Extrinsic Mortality Risk and Reported Effort in Looking after Health/ Divergence between in-law and mate preferences: Evolved predi... 続きを読む
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  • AGBT tweets 2012 (3)

    Schnable: allelic diversity is lost during domestication, are genes lost too? #AGBTMichael George's from University of Liege giving morning keynote address #AGBT"Illumina and Oxford Nanopore Enter into Broad Commercialization Agreement"Patrick Schnable from Iowa State University up next to talk about gene loss during domestication bottleneck in maize #AGBTI find it more like a Geocities website circa 1997. #agbtcool if it delivers. MT : sequencing simpler with nanopores: the new Oxford machin... 続きを読む
    1523pv 2 2012年2月19日
  • [not completed] CSEL meeting biodata14 tweets personal col..

    ZC-P: worldwide survey effort to get geographical diversity: #biodata14…and here is a link. MT “: Worldwide survey effort to get geographical diversity ” #BioData14SC: phylogenetic diversity of microbiome is huge, but the protein function is conserved #biodata14Michael Lovci giving demos about Flotilla. Plot distributions, dimensionality reduction, interactive PCA & etc. Looks very cool.. cites: Predicting Social Security numbers from public data In relation to data #privacy #biodata14L... 続きを読む
    716pv 2014年11月7日
  • しましまのRecSys2018まとめ

    and _perceived_ diversity and how they related to user satisfaction #IntRS2018 #RecSys2018diversity を関連に挙げておいででしたね"A Diversity Adjusting Strategy with Personality for Music Recommendation" Exploring personality-specific diversity in music recommendation,of diversity #fatrec2018 #recsys2018The personality trait "emotional stability" correlates positively with overall diversity needs. #recsys2018opening the second session on Novelty and Diversity #Recsys2018同質な... 続きを読む
    4006pv 22 2018年8月31日
  • Satoru Kawaguchi 川口覚 as Hiromichi in Rangoon (2017 film In..

    映画『TOKYO CITY GIRL 2016』映画ティザーヴィジュアルを解禁 ■ イベント情報 10月8日ガールズアワード 11月20日渋谷109/調整中 11月19日池袋サンシャイン 12月3日DiverCity(TOKYO)映画『TOKYO CITY GIRL -2016-』 本予告 (fumika/Ms.OOJA ver.) 映画『TOKYO CITY GIRL -2016-』 公式サイト俳優・川口覚 / Satoru Kawaguchi - NAVER まとめ 【出演情報】 映画『TOKYO CITY GIRL -2016-』11月 #TokyoCityGirl2016 舞台『お勢登場... 続きを読む
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  • YU-M社長2020年10月

    NPP2021✨有観客✨開催決定‼️ 2021年1月2日(土)、3日(日) 『NewYear Premium Party 2021』がお台場・青海周辺エリア(Zepp DiverCity(TOKYO)・Zepp Tokyo,ほか)で 開催🎉 出演者<第1弾>発表‼ 券売もスタート☆11月7日(土)TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 15時開始 アリーナ席 7000円 第1バルコニー 8000円 第2バルコニー 6000円 第3バルコニー 4000円 レディースシート 2000円 U18チケット 1000円 #tjpw #tjpw... 続きを読む
    459pv 1 2020年10月2日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Mar 15, 2015 B

    Facebook coloca billboards para promocionar la amistad y la diversidad - … )Personally I love #billboards! #Publicity looks sexy in #PiccadillyCircus!Billboard #1: Rohan Wilson #readmorebooks #soapbox #islandmagtas #hobartcitycouncil #creativehobart…Billboard #2: Amanda Lohrey #readmorebooks #soapbox #islandmagtas #hobartcitycouncil #creativehobart…The city needs it."“: #BanIndianContentBecause Sell your products, Not women in TV Commercials, Newspaper ads and Billboards. ”Us anafri... 続きを読む
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  • London is quite possibly BURNING ~英、大学学費アップ議会採決の日 part 2

    Abuse of police coercive power now far greater risk than any terrorist threat.92年の大量昇格でUniversityの数がほぼ倍になったのです。60年代までにできた大学はある程度国際的な評価を受けている部門を持っているものなんですが。Victoria station full of police officers hulking their shoulders, just wanting to use their coercive powers. But their eyes say: Losers.More worried by someone wanting to use coercive power of police than a terror... 続きを読む
    1352pv 2010年12月10日
  • 「ツイートから見るNegiccoの軌跡」Negicco[ネギッコ] 10th Anniversary vol.34 ..

    Negicco東名阪+新潟のワンマンツアー、ファイナルはZepp DiverCityでツアーファイナルは、4/28 Zepp DiverCity! 詳細は近日発表いたします!【NEWS】Negiccoライヴハウスツアー「SPRING 2017 TOUR~ライブハウスのネギ~」開催決定、ファイナルは2017年4月28日(金)Zepp DiverCity!Negicco、こんどのワンマンライブのファイナルは、4月28日のZepp DiverCityだそうです。3月25日のNIIGATA LOTS(新潟... 続きを読む
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  • abrf2012 tweets aggregation

    #ABRF RS The complexity of glycans, the sugars the modify proteins and affect bio function. So diverse, hexadecimal naming used to describeCharlie Nicolet: ~25% of sequencing cores deliver data through hard drives instead of servers. #abrfThe instrument funded byNIH SIG grant can not have an expensive maintenance contract & should be used in a shared facility. #abrfRon Orlando: Shared Instrumentation Grant from NIH only fund product are commercially available not ones under development. #abrf... 続きを読む
    1138pv 3 2012年3月19日
  • 2015/07/01~

    ハローキティ×Zepp DiverCity TOKYOコラボグッズが登場(↑久しぶりにつぶやいてコレかい・・・↑) あと少しでZepp Diver City...Merci, les bloodsuckers à paris! #JapanExpo2015hide「ROCKET DIVE」期間限定SHOP 西武池袋店1F Apple City, あべのハルカス2Fウィング館にて販売しています!どうぞこの機会に! *在庫切れの場合は御了承下さい。DIVE TO BLUEって空ですか?海ですか?って。けど俺は案... 続きを読む
    2703pv 2 2015年7月25日
  • しましまのFAT*2020まとめ

    We begin w/ a talk by on #fairness & #diversity in hiring at LinkedIn.Really interesting exercise where participants are given different scenarios and are encouraged to act out 'characters' in a tech company orPredictive fairness to reduce recidivism using interventions by @"Kit Rodolfa" CMU. studies measure of "recall parity" ( same parity across groups#FAT2020 #FAIR #perceivedfairnessWe need a diverse portfolio of approaches., policy and how people perceive AI.—> Individual Explanation (R... 続きを読む
    1687pv 11 2020年1月15日
  • ACM ASSETS 2013 [個人ツイートまとめ]

    読書支援:対象は全盲者やディスレクシア.Commercial: eBooks. Research: Family story play, story visit. ALLT e-book: Perkinsonの人向けを対象.Goncalvesら"IncluCity: Using Contextual Cues to Raise Awareness on Environmental Accessibility." 街中のアクセシビリティに意識的にさせるため,アクセシブルでない場所を撮影させ共有K.Haraら "Improving public transit accessibility for blind riders by crowdsourcing bus stop landmark locatio... 続きを読む
    1459pv 7 1 2013年10月25日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Oct 26, 2014 A

    These look great all over my city.Piccadilly circus. #London #England #capital #city #piccadilly #piccadillycircus billboards #tourists…Billboards like this are taking over our city landscape.…check out the billboard in studio city#timesquare #newyorkcity #manhattan #billboards #cityscape #skyline #iloveny #nyc…#MondayMorningMessage We've seen a million commercials and billboards talking about how second hand…#billboard #DenverWaterChannelOne of our numerous billboards that has made t... 続きを読む
    1732pv 3 2014年10月21日
  • トレーニング

    One of my favorite 3 vs 5 Attacking in the transition exercises.Manchester City F.C. - HIIT (high intensity interval training) with different stations マンC 強度が高いインターバルトレーニングReal Madrid SAQ / Change of Direction Exercises 💨⚽️ 📲 FOLLOW FOR MORE CONTENT!bal veroveren 🔁 Directe pressing vereist 🎥 YouTube: Liverpool FCRondo '(4+4)v4' - Manchester City - Pep Guardiola マンCの4+4vs4のポゼッション。 システムを縮小した中で行... 続きを読む
    353pv 2018年11月10日
  • I collected #map s about around #Ukraina .

    These are commercial flights of various nationality. It should be noted that Aeroflot avoids mainland Ukraine#Ukraine has complex ethnic diversity. Without integrating #Russian into #Ukraine, it may end same way as #CrimeaRegional divide in #Ukraine by transfer to/from state budget (2013): Lviv contributer, Donetsk receiver #datavizUkrainian divide and comparative attraction of Europe and Russia: average wage (Nov 2013) in Ukrainian regions.MAP Cities in #Ukraine where protesters have taken o... 続きを読む
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  • 【論文 開発中のSARS-CoV-2ワクチン】と【日経記事 新型コロナのワクチンは「パンドラの箱」か】(2020.1..

    I'll explain in the end why this distribution and diversity is so important.7) and some immunogenicity, Phase II (a few 100 individuals) explores safety, immunogenicity and optimizes doses/regimens and Phase III (oftenThen funding needs to be secured/a commercial partner needs to be found to advance this further into clinical trials.133) And even if every vaccine now in advanced trials works and is churned out at full capacity, it will still take years to vaccinate the majorityThe safety prof... 続きを読む
    644pv 2 2020年10月2日
  • ICWSM2012 Day 3

    is there a working version of the "When the city meets the Citizen" workshop website? ,. asks Dunbar if exercising alone with SNS tool might give us the same endorphin kick. Interesting q and Dunbar's thinks so too! #icwsmthe paper of when city meets citizens workshop are here #icwsm"Our relationships form a hierarchically inclusive series of circles of increasing size but decreasing intensity" - Dunbar #icwsmPerceived happiness and laughter rates? Go for Skype or F2F rather than other kinds ... 続きを読む
    3558pv 10 2012年6月7日
  • ローマ法王のつぶやき(2013年3月)

    I hope to see all of you in that great Brazilian city!Rimanere con Gesù esige uscire da se stessi, da un modo di vivere la fede stanco e abitudinario.Chers amis, je vous remercie de grand cœur et je vous demande de continuer à prier pour moi. Pape FrançoisAceita Jesus Ressuscitado na tua vida. Mesmo se estiveste longe, dá um pequeno passo na sua direção: Ele te espera com os braços abertos.Aceita Jesus Ressuscitado na tua vida. Mesmo se estiveste longe, dá um pequeno passo na sua dir... 続きを読む
    699pv 2 2013年3月23日
  • ASHG 2010 No.2

    Scalability, simplicity, speed. Very cool complement to #SOLiD!Scalability, simplicity, speed. Very cool complement to #SOLiD!Scalability, simplicity, speed. Very cool complement to #SOLiD!Evans: clinical utility vs clinical validity vs sensitive info vs > 99% unknown validity/utility #ashg2010Overcrowding and lack of seats in genetic counseling/clinical genetics session is well past the point of absurdity... #ashg2010Very good PacBio movie about new systems/network biology, cancer therapy, f... 続きを読む
    2355pv 2010年11月5日
  • Games For Change Festival 2012

    Paolo Pedercinidtdddadtd@USS Rivet City: Lessons From Modding FALLOUT 3 NEXT ~SA #g4c #g4cskirballHow can a teacher, no matter how talented, deal with all of the diversity of students that exists in his/her class #G4C12Paolo Pedercini at #G4CSkirball ~SA #G4C12Game design exercise kicking off at #g4cAMD with #g4c12 ~jyTry this exercise at home: First create an objective for a game of your design...#g4c12 #g4ckimmel ~SFPretty colors and interconnectiveness!! ~SA #g4c12 #g4cskirballMission US u... 続きを読む
    3012pv 3 2012年6月23日
  • #HealthData の検索結果

    Time for an exercise interactive break at the Consumer Panel in Room 103A at #healthdataspeed-dating hackathon exercise with #healthdataReal time ID of sick individuals via twitter, ability to differentiate levels of illness. Very cool! #healthdataMobile Health → health, wellness, quality of life, exercise #mhealth, #mobilehealth #healthinnovation #healthdata to improve #health: KP then mapped Portland adult obesity rates w/ weekly exercise to see connection btwn neighborhood & health #heal... 続きを読む
    3796pv 2 2012年6月6日
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