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日本人でもよく分からない平沢進21時定時ツイート(twhz)の英語翻訳に挑む。 https://togetter.com/t/tw21h Susumu Hirasawa's stream of tweets starting at 21:00 JST in all except Wednesdays, which often is challenging to comprehend even for native Japanese speakers. Despite that, some multilingual fans are attempting to translate his tweets into English for better understanding. 続きを読む
リンク hirasawaglossary.tumblr.com Entries in alphabetical order People as well as characters are listed by their last name. 005Harry 4-D AC Unit Aggregated Past Aki Ra AKIYAMA, Katsuhiko Amiga ANDOH, So Anti-Vistoron Ao no Ma ARAKI, Yasuhiro Archetype...

平沢進関連用語集・英語版 Hirasawa Glossary
twhzでライヴ的に発生する平沢(造)語が解らない。登場人物の背景が分からない。そんな時のお助けに。訂正を含め少しずつ更新しています。(目次) https://hirasawaglossary.tumblr.com/directory via @HrswGlossary

リンク susumuhirasawa.com Susumu Hirasawa The 9th Mandala Susumu Hirasawa The 9th Mandala
平沢進・核P-MODELライブ公式 @Hirasawa_Live

平沢進ライブ「第9曼荼羅」特設サイトのトップページ画像を変更致しました。 susumuhirasawa.com/special-conten…

2017-09-20 16:09:18

Dai-9 “The Ninth Mandala” Live shows to celebrate having 90 thousand Twitter followers – Tokyo Live Shows/ On 5(Thu) , 6(Fri) and 7(Sat) October 2017 @ STUDIO COAST

6th & 7th October shows SOLD OUT
Live Info: Translation into English by Lucy(unofficial) http://hirasawaslyrics.edoblog.net/susumu hirasawa/“the ninth mandala” live s



From tomorrow, the Tw(hz) will be irregular like the rain in May.

Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

慣れというものは怖いもので。 機材を車に積まなければいけないのに、Tw(hz)でとぐろ巻いているステルス某。

2017-09-28 21:00:02
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz A habit is something scary. Stealth something is coiled up in front of Tw(hz) when he has to load the show equipment on the truck.

2017-09-28 21:40:23
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

慣れというのは怖いもんで。 ヒラサワのライブ中に他のライブを見に行かないように。

2017-09-28 21:04:00
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz A habit is something scary. Do not go to attend other live shows during Hirasawa's lives are taking place.

2017-09-28 21:41:03
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

慣れというのは怖いもんで。 愛猫ムテカズロが手を突っ込んだ ジャスミンティーを飲んでいるステルス某。

2017-09-28 21:08:00
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz A habit is something scary. Stealth something is drinking the cup of jasmine tea in which his beloved cat, Mutekazuro, put her paw.

2017-09-28 21:46:47
リンク Hirasawa Glossary Kaki (カキ) and Tebin (テビン) Two of the many cats he has taken care of since the 90’s. Hirasawa has referred to them by multiple different names on Twitter: Shizurenboku (シズレンボク) and Golgi Apparatus (ゴルジ体/Goruji Tai)for Kaki;...
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

仕返しに猫のエサに指突っ込んだった。 二回突っ込んだった。 pic.twitter.com/pFNzMX2sDa

2017-09-28 21:12:16
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz I put my finger in her cat food in revenge. I put it in there twice.

2017-09-28 21:49:19
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

手がUターン通勤焼けしている。 自転車通勤する社長。

2017-09-28 21:18:15
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz My hands have got suntanned from U-turn commute. [I am] A president of a business who commutes on a bike.

2017-09-28 21:52:03
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa


2017-09-28 21:22:47
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz [I am] A president who announces something in a high tone voice in front of other people,...

2017-09-28 21:55:10
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz ...and who is called by his first name by the people who have heard his announcement.

2017-09-28 21:56:20
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

ロボットカメラの2号機がかっこよい。 第9曼荼羅東京には間に合わず、1号機がする。

2017-09-28 21:27:56
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