横浜ベイスターズのClayton Hamiltonだけど質問ある?

Twitterを使いこなし、広報部長の名を(一部で)ほしいままにするハミルトン投手。 質問あったら答えるよ、という彼のつぶやきに、多くのリプライが寄せられました。

I've decided later tonight I will take some time to field questions from you guys on any subjects you would like such as baseball, japan etc

2011-06-20 17:18:31

So feel free to fill up my @mentions box with your questions! I will get to as many as I can tonight

2011-06-20 17:19:24
うずら @uzuradonburi

@HamiltonClayton Looks like your favorite music. Have you heard the music of Japan? If you have heard it if you have a favorite song?

2011-06-20 17:55:24

@uzuradonburi My favorite band of all-time is Fuel. I do like several japanese songs but I have no idea who sings them!

2011-06-20 20:26:11
Mike Lee @pigskins15

@HamiltonClayton who on the #BayStars do you think would play well in the Majors?

2011-06-20 17:59:54

@pigskins15 Mike I think Yamaguchi could have success in MLB right now

2011-06-20 20:26:42
Stuart Graham @sturev

@HamiltonClayton what is the biggest difference pitching in Japan compared to USA? Do catchers in Japan call for more breaking balls?

2011-06-20 18:16:15

@sturev there are alot of differences to be honest, the baseball here is softer than the balls in MLB, and the mounds are softer dirt also

2011-06-20 20:28:10

@sturev Catchers seem to call more breaking balls yes, in '10 season in MLB 71% of pitches thrown were Fastballs while in NPB only 49%

2011-06-20 20:29:43
Stuart Graham @sturev

@HamiltonClayton home plate umpires and Japan/USA strike zones? Thanks for taking the time to do this!

2011-06-20 18:21:19

@sturev Strike zone wise, I would say the biggest difference i've seen is that in the NPB they will call belt-high strikes consistently

2011-06-20 20:31:53

Answering questions from you guys/girls the rest of the night, feel free to ask away!

2011-06-20 20:32:51
Mike Lee @pigskins15

@HamiltonClayton what's the hardest thing about playing in Japan besides being so far away from family?

2011-06-20 20:32:42

@pigskins15 For me the hardest part has been adjusting to a different style of hitter here in Japan than I was used to in the U.S.

2011-06-20 20:39:47

@pigskins15 Basically, Japanese hitters are great contact hitters while most hitters in the U.S. look to hit with power moreso than contact

2011-06-20 20:40:41

@pigskins15 No problem Mike, I hope to see you back in Yokohama sooner than later... I am healing and should be pitching again soon

2011-06-20 20:45:49

@HamiltonClayton how'd you end up playing in Japan? Is the game much different than in North America?

2011-06-20 20:39:00

@Taylor_made66 A good friend of mine who works with the Rangers passed my name along to a Japanese scout he knows after Texas released me

2011-06-20 20:42:59

@Taylor_made66 Here is a link to a podcast I did regarding my career and journey to Japan if you are interested

2011-06-20 20:44:40

@HamiltonClayton long way from home. So do MLB teams have rights to certain Japanese teams?

2011-06-20 20:46:44

@Taylor_made66 Yeah being away is hard. MLB does not have rights to teams in the NPB but in some cases they do have working relationships

2011-06-20 20:49:27

@HamiltonClayton thanks! Big Bowie Baysox fan and of course Orioles. Michael Schlact isn't far from here.

2011-06-20 20:48:34

@Taylor_made66 @michael_schlact is a former teammate of mine and remains a good friend, I am glad to see his success in Maryland this year

2011-06-20 20:50:26

@HamiltonClayton you got my support. Love of the game...Hope u get back here soon. Ever work with Nolan Ryan? A hero of mine.

2011-06-20 20:53:04