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リンク Yahoo!ニュース パリの著名日本人シェフが「自殺」、性的暴行疑惑受け 遺族が公表(BBC News) - Yahoo!ニュース フランス・パリを拠点とする著名日本人シェフ、関根拓さんが9月28日に亡くなった。39歳だった。遺族は29日、自殺だったと公表した。 遺族の声明によると、関根さんは「虚偽の」性的暴行疑惑がうわさされ 3 users 248
共同通信公式 @kyodo_official

パリの若手シェフ関根拓さん死去 - フランスで高評価、自殺と家族 this.kiji.is/68401389942297…

2020-09-30 21:27:06
毎日新聞 @mainichi

若手シェフとしてフランスで高く評価されていた関根拓さんが9月28日、死去しました。39歳でした。 mainichi.jp/articles/20201…

2020-10-01 11:20:00
༼≖ɷ≖༽ く寿し 🐋 @SushiCujira

関根拓の自殺とアタブラへの攻撃 atabula.com/2020/09/30/sui… 弁明文 シェフに取材はせず被害者だけに話を聞いたら証言のみで証拠も捜査もないけど暴行話は複数あった 罪は裁判所だけが決める事ではない 我々は正しい事をした アタブラへの批判は間違い pic.twitter.com/fBJwG4WAgi

2020-10-05 13:03:13
M_Anony @MAnony20

関根拓氏(フランスで有名なシェフ)の自殺にまつわる個人的メモ 【事実関係】 ・関根拓氏は鬱病を発症して自殺した ・カナダ人の Bonny Peter は、関根氏から性的暴行を受けたと主張している(名前を伏せていたが、関根氏の自殺後に、加害者が関根氏であると認める投稿をしている)

2020-10-04 12:07:19
ちゃーん @okki_chang

アタビュラは正当性を主張するなら、遺族はとことん争ったほうがいいよね。 パリの若手シェフ関根拓さん死去 フランスで高評価、自殺と家族(共同通信) #Yahooニュース news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/8cea2…

2020-10-01 18:19:18


リンク lyu1.com パリで有名な日本人シェフ関根拓氏が自殺――セクハラ・性的暴行疑惑で鬱に | lyu1 dimension パリで有名な日本人シェフ関根拓氏が死亡 パリで活躍する日本人シェフの関根拓氏が亡くなったという。パートナーのサラ・バーガー氏によると関根氏はうつ病に悩んでいたという。 Le chef Taku Sekine s'est donné la mort https://t.co/dhlLXp66xo pic



This morning I cried. I cried because I am letting go of a chapter in my life where I allowed myself to be powerless. Wherein I normalized abuse and accepted that that was what I deserved. So many beautiful things have come into my life recently that promise a bright future for me, but I need to be in a place where I am comfortable with my past.

I haven’t named the person who abused me as I am scared of being sued for defamation. He is far more prestigious than I, but I hope people can piece it together.

Thank you to those who have supported me in sharing this 🤍

リンク ATABULA - Edition générale Ils ont fait ou vont faire l’actu : Taku Sekine, Guy Martin, Alain Passard, Alain Ducasse, Gault&Millau, Jacky Ribault, The Fork Nouvelle rubrique et nouveau rendez-vous dominical sur Atabula : « Ils ont fait ou vont faire l’actu ». Atabula revient sur les femmes, les hommes et les sociétés qui ont fait ou vont faire la une des médias. Entre rétrospective et prospective, ce nouveau 33

I believe there is a karmic scale. When good things happen, they are supplemented with bad things to balance them out. I have been feeling happy lately, and I recognized that it feels unsafe for me to feel joy. This learned belief that I will be punished for being treated well and loved. This is a learnt belief of a child that has been abused. I am trying to be gentle with myself in light of recent events.

Last night I was told by a friend that the man who sexually assaulted me, killed himself. I was left in a state of shock, which is the only way I can describe it. I couldn’t feel my body, I was desensitized to my surroundings. I felt like I was going to faint. What strange irony it was, to know that all those months I spent feeling suicidal, the person who hurt me would choose to take his own life.

I don’t take this situation lightly. I feel pain for his wife, his son, his family and friends. I also feel anger that I can feel such deep empathy for the person who not only hurt me, but numerous women. I know this because they each reached out to me personally after I shared my story.

From the portion of people who have reached out to me and said it was my fault, that my false accusations caused this, that I should have gone to the police:

  1. Police do not protect womxn.
  2. The justice system does not protect womxn.
  3. I do not believe in punitive justice, which is what colonial society is built on.

I wish he felt like he could reach out for help when he needed it. The reality that he hurt so many women is a display that he was hurt and traumatized himself. Hurt people hurt people. I cannot relate to the difficulty of facing this based on Japanese culture because I don’t know enough about it. Also, why must I, the victim of his assault, debate this?

I believe in transformative justice. That those who have hurt and harmed others should receive the help they need. They then can help others who struggle with similar issues.

I can’t respond to all the messages but I appreciate everyone who is supportive to me during this time. It is heavy.

Believe womxn.

リンク ATABULA - Edition générale Suicide de Taku Sekine et attaques contre Atabula : la réponse de Franck Pinay-Rabaroust - ATABULA - Edition générale Il n’y aura pas de procès Taku Sekine. Le chef a mis fin à ses jours dans la nuit du lundi 28 au mardi 29 septembre. À la question du pourquoi, inévitablement, les accusations portées contre lui pour viols et agressions sexuelles s’imposeront comme la cau 3 users 463


Voilà bien la preuve factuel qu’Atabula n’a rien « dévoilé » du tout ; le média n’a fait que son travail d’enquête et publié le nom d’un chef déjà catalogué et évincé par d’autres.

Quant à l’argumentation qui consiste à dire que ce n’est pas à la presse de sortir des noms, mais à la justice de décider de la culpabilité des uns ou des autres, elle ne repose sur aucun fondement. Bien au contraire. C’est, d’une part, méconnaitre le fonctionnement historique de ces deux « pouvoirs » qui se nourrissent mutuellement depuis que l’un et l’autre existent.




べにかわむき @lVXrA2f37kbVBzi 2020年10月6日