Japanese IMAX Single Laser show "Avatar:The Way of Water" in 2K HFR

Japanese IMAX Single Laser shows "Avatar:The Way of Water" in HFR at 2 K (2048 x 1080). I wonder if they show 4K HFR in other countries.
ArvinTing @dingxinlong

阿凡达:水之道 3D IMAX GT Laser 48帧 (原声版,译制版) 12声道 3D IMAX 24帧(原声版,译制版) 12声道 3D IMAX 48帧(原声版,译制版) 12声道 3D IMAX Laser XT 48帧(原声版,译制版) 12声道 各个版本显示其分辨率为2K 放映画幅为1.85:1 ​包括日本地区的各个版本分辨率显示都是2K pic.twitter.com/ycemotdMi5

2022-12-20 21:49:03
Kaustubh Debnath @kdcloudy

@Aslam29Munawar @darkknightisbac @iamshreytyagi @rahool360 That’s for GT theatres. China has a lot of GT Dual Laser theatres and I’ve said already that 4K HFR is only for Single Laser theatres

2022-12-21 00:20:32
⸻⸻ @darkknightisbac

@kdcloudy @Aslam29Munawar @iamshreytyagi @rahool360 Not in Japan apparantly. Also I heard Imax with laser Mumbai and Delhi are also 2k pic.twitter.com/UjqRL1iZoe

2022-12-21 00:29:17
⸻⸻ @darkknightisbac

@kdcloudy @Aslam29Munawar @iamshreytyagi @rahool360 They are indeed capable of 4K HFR 3D but in a lot of regions 4K DCP wasn't provided (both in Japan and China), could be the same case in India. Maybe common across Asia? Tag the Asian IMAX employee and confirm I forgot his username

2022-12-21 00:34:47
Novelty12345 @Novelty123451

@kdcloudy @darkknightisbac @iamshreytyagi @rahool360 Lots of photos of 35mm & 70mm film prints can be found on the internet but one rarely come across the pic of a DCP bearing the projection specifications and I think I must have saved not more than 30 DCP pics over the last 10 yrs or maybe their is some sort of embargo.

2022-12-21 00:43:30
⸻⸻ @darkknightisbac

@iamshreytyagi @kdcloudy @Aslam29Munawar @rahool360 Actually makes sense because Europe and NA recieve the DCPs without any subs while Asian countries recieve DCPs with subs

2022-12-21 01:23:08
Shrey Tyagi @iamshreytyagi

@darkknightisbac @kdcloudy @Aslam29Munawar @rahool360 Haan toh all subbed version DCPs must’ve been rendered in 2K only. Since they are hard-subbed.

2022-12-21 01:38:06
⸻⸻ @darkknightisbac

@iamshreytyagi @kdcloudy @Aslam29Munawar @rahool360 This is actually disappointing if true because avatar re-release subbed versions had a 4k DCP.

2022-12-21 01:41:07
⸻⸻ @darkknightisbac

@Aslam29Munawar @iamshreytyagi @rahool360 @kdcloudy @kdcloudy Another user confirmed IMAX with single laser was projection the movie at 2k not 4k twitter.com/james_miles_jp…

2022-12-21 04:12:47
まいるず James Miles ⚒️ @james_miles_jp

IMAXがwith Laserでも「3D上映では4Kじゃない」という言説が流れている… ええええ、そうなの? そっちも見たけど、十分に綺麗だったよ? 画面が(ドルビーシネマに比べると)暗いので2Kでも気づけなかったのかな。明るくすると、さすがに2K映像のジャギーは見分けられると思う。

2022-12-19 18:00:41
Shrey Tyagi @iamshreytyagi

@darkknightisbac @kdcloudy @Aslam29Munawar @rahool360 @ajithnayaka28 works at a cinema in Karnataka. He has confirmed to me that even the subtitled version of Avatar2 is in 4K. But only for 2D. All the 3D subtitled versions are 2K.

2022-12-22 02:14:29