mordecai's anti-Japanese hate speech against Japanese history education without reading any sources

Before throwing anti-Japanese hate speech on Japanese history education, you had better read real Japanese history textbooks first. Apologize to us!


mordecai @talking_bluejay

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mordecai @talking_bluejay

@CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @Jredbeats @mattdawgg @Spare_Fox @OliverStrawhat @Morbidful the historical record in your text are full of lies. your education in history are deceitful, to cover up what your country did to your neighbors. and the worst part of that, the war criminals are hailed heroes in your country. pursue the truth. you owe that to yourself.

2023-06-26 21:43:23

日本語訳: お前の文の史料は嘘で満ちている。お前らの歴史教育は欺瞞的で、隣国にした事を隠蔽している。そして、最悪な事に、お前の国では戦犯が英雄として崇拝されている。真実を追求しろ。そう思われているのは自業自得だ。

Emmanuel Chanel @Emmanuel_Chanel

@CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @talking_bluejay @Jredbeats @mattdawgg @Spare_Fox @OliverStrawhat @Morbidful Rather mordecai is a historical denialist on Japanese education. So he says that you refute Nanjing Massacre with deceived by Japanese history education that actually teach the incident as a real case. That part alone is anti-Japanese hate speech.…

2023-06-27 08:53:28

日本語訳: むしろ mordecai が、日本教育史の否認主義者です。だから、あなたが南京大虐殺に反論するのは、実際には事件を事実として教えている、日本の歴史教育に騙されてだと言うのです。この部分だけで、反日ヘイトスピーチですね。

Emmanuel Chanel @Emmanuel_Chanel

@CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @talking_bluejay @Jredbeats @mattdawgg @Spare_Fox @OliverStrawhat @Morbidful mordecai should know the fact that this was shown in Japanese primary school history textbooks once. But he doesn't try to know because mordecai is an anti-Japanese racist.…

2023-06-27 09:04:00

日本語訳: mordecai は、これが日本の小学校歴史教科書に一度掲載されていた事実を知るべきです。でも、 mordecai は反日人種差別主義者なので、それを知ろうとしません。

Emmanuel Chanel @Emmanuel_Chanel

@CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @talking_bluejay @Jredbeats @mattdawgg @Spare_Fox @OliverStrawhat @Morbidful mordecai: This is the mention of Nanjing Massacre in Japanese history textbooks. Before throwing anti-Japanese hate speech on Japanese history education, you had better read real Japanese history textbooks first. Apologize to us!…

2023-06-27 09:38:26

日本語訳: mordecai: これは、日本の歴史教科書における南京大虐殺への言及です。日本の歴史教育に反日ヘイトスピーチを投げつける前に、実際の日本の歴史教科書を読んだ方がいいよ。私達に謝れ!

Emmanuel Chanel @Emmanuel_Chanel

@CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @talking_bluejay @Jredbeats @mattdawgg @Spare_Fox @OliverStrawhat @Morbidful Looks could shut up mordecai's mouths. That fact demonstrates that he is an anti-Japanese racist and that he recognizes that.

2023-06-28 20:27:26

日本語訳: このまとめで、 mordecai を黙らせられたみたい。この事実は、 mordecai が反日人種差別主義者である事と、彼がそれを認めた事を証明している。

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Morbid Knowledge @Morbidful

The photo shows 17-year-old Corporal Yukio Araki (center) holding a puppy with four other young men (age 18 and 19 years old) of the 72nd Shinbu Corps. An Asahi Shimbun cameraman took this photo on the day before the departure of the 72nd Shinbu Corps from Bansei Air Base for……

2023-06-26 08:22:45
William Washington @OliverStrawhat

@Morbidful Their actions led to the decision to drop the 2 atomic bombs . And there were still fanatics who didn't want to surrender. There was a coup attempt to keep this from happening, which failed. The Japanese weren't prosecuted for their war crimes to the level the Nazis were.

2023-06-26 09:16:59
Benjamin Fox @Spare_Fox

@OliverStrawhat @Morbidful Because they are most likely dead already? Or the radiation thing?

2023-06-26 11:29:13
Matt🎷🎵 @mattdawgg

@Spare_Fox @OliverStrawhat @Morbidful My God what they say is true! Blue checks are the dumbest fucking people on this site! I don't think they started prosecuting this stuff yesterday Colombo.

2023-06-26 11:54:30
Benjamin Fox @Spare_Fox

@mattdawgg @OliverStrawhat @Morbidful You can prosecute someone that’s already dead from their kamikaze flights or shot during a banzai charge? Yeah ok go play with a Ouija board.

2023-06-26 12:20:40
Matt🎷🎵 @mattdawgg

@Spare_Fox @OliverStrawhat @Morbidful My guy, he's talking about back in 1945 going after the peretrators of all the heinous war crimes the nazis and japanese committed. The leadership of the nazis were prosecuted extremely severely, rightfully so. The Japanese leadership, not as much. Christ.

2023-06-26 12:28:06
J-Red @Jredbeats

@mattdawgg @Spare_Fox @OliverStrawhat @Morbidful What war crimes did the Japanese commit? “War crimes” being an oxymoron itself, but curious on your take. They attacked and killed the enemy. We attacked and killed the enemy. Where’s the war crime?

2023-06-26 12:58:29
mordecai @talking_bluejay

@Jredbeats @mattdawgg @Spare_Fox @OliverStrawhat @Morbidful The Japanese made the nazis look like saint during world war 2. The rape of Nanjing, unit 731, the Bataan death march are one of the most famous ones.

2023-06-26 17:45:24
南京の渋多勘八(プロテスティア) @CpgUwAUTee4DPoa

@talking_bluejay @Jredbeats @mattdawgg @Spare_Fox @OliverStrawhat @Morbidful For comparison with the history of stereotypes Trivia about "it." A description of that 'rape of Nanjing' that many people don't know about.…

2023-06-26 19:49:40
mordecai @talking_bluejay

@CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @Jredbeats @mattdawgg @Spare_Fox @OliverStrawhat @Morbidful This is japanese nationalist bullcrap. Asian neighboring countries all have the nasty crap japanese put them through during ww2 in textbooks. Modern japanese people are brainwashed by their government denying their grotesque war crimes. ADMIT THEM AND PUT THEM IN YOUR TEXTBOOKS.

2023-06-26 20:32:04
南京の渋多勘八(プロテスティア) @CpgUwAUTee4DPoa

@talking_bluejay @Jredbeats @mattdawgg @Spare_Fox @OliverStrawhat @Morbidful Isn't a nationalist about cheering for your country's national team at the Olympics or celebrating your country's artists being recognized around the world? If you've never cheered for your country, you're not wrong. But you're going to criticize a lot of people.

2023-06-26 20:39:39