Lynn Rutherford @LynnRutherford

Mao Asada withdraws Grand Prix FInal -- mother critically ill.

2011-12-09 01:02:30
Skate Canada / Patinage Canada @SkateCanada

Mao Asada has withdrawn #GPF11. Her mother is ill & she has flown back to Japan to be with her. Our thoughts are with Mao & her family.

2011-12-09 01:04:25
Ira 🍒 @irenissi

:'((( RT @SkateCanada: Mao Asada has withdrawn #GPF11. Her mother is ill & she has flown back to Japan to be with her.

2011-12-09 01:05:44
Pj Kwong @skatingpj

Mao Asada is leaving Quebec to go home as her mom is unwell...hope for a quick recovery....opls RT? #cbcskate

2011-12-09 01:10:20
U.S. Figure Skating @USFigureSkating

Best wishes to her. RT @SkateCanada Mao Asada has withdrawn #GPF11. Her mother is ill & she has flown back to Japan to be with her.

2011-12-09 01:11:27
U.S. Figure Skating @USFigureSkating

With the news about Asada, she has been removed from Fantasy Skating, please update your teams accordingly.

2011-12-09 01:12:42
47NEWS @47news


2011-12-09 01:13:02
Ira 🍒 @irenissi

Mao learned this morning her mother is in critical condition and she has returned home.

2011-12-09 01:13:44
47NEWS @47news

浅田真央、GPファイナル欠場 家族の体調不良で

2011-12-09 01:16:05
Sean Rabbitt [兎] @SeanRabbitt

Just heard the news about Mao's mother, praying for her and her family. あさだまおのお母さんは病気になるのニュースを聞きました。頑張ってあさださん。私の心からプレーをします!

2011-12-09 01:24:27
Lynn Rutherford @LynnRutherford

A member of JSF's contingent here says Asada's mother was ill prior to this event&the situation has grown worse prompting Mao to return home

2011-12-09 01:29:55
Ira 🍒 @irenissi

浅田真央、GPファイナル欠場 母親の急病で急きょ帰国

2011-12-09 01:30:16
Tatjana Flade @Tatjana21

Mao Asada withdrew from GPF and returned to JPN as her mother is sick.

2011-12-09 01:56:38
Tatjana Flade @Tatjana21

Announced at ISU press conference. So sad! (((Mao))

2011-12-09 01:57:03
Rachael Flatt @RachaelFlatt

Wishing Mao Asada safe travels home and speedy recovery to her mother.

2011-12-09 02:15:56
Tara Lipinski @taralipinski

Mao Asada pulled out of GPF to return to Japan to be w her mother. My thoughts and prayers are w her and her family.

2011-12-09 03:00:17
Armin Mahban @Armin_hammer

Thoughts and hopes for Mao and her family during this difficult time.

2011-12-09 04:01:46


2011-12-09 04:06:58

I really worried about mao and her mother... I hope all going well with Mao and her family...

2011-12-09 04:11:30
村上大介 @DaisukeMurakami

Please please keep your thoughts and prayers for Mao Asadas mom and her family as they are very close to my family. Stay strong

2011-12-09 04:41:04
Ashley Wagner @AshWagner2010

My thoughts and prayers go out to Mao Asada and her family during this difficult time, can't imagine myself in her shoes right now:/

2011-12-09 06:57:30
すいづ るみ @rumirumimimi


2011-12-09 10:51:38
Alex Shibutani @AlexShibutani

We'll miss seeing Mao-chan this week. We're very sorry to hear about her mother. Our thoughts are with the Asada family.

2011-12-09 10:53:14
satsuki❁ @sats0515


2011-12-09 13:37:44