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Hadrien Gardeur @Hadrien

It seems a lot of questions are about ONIX vs OPDS. Very different use case. ONIX is about transporting metadata from publisher to retailer.

2012-02-23 19:38:13
Hadrien Gardeur @Hadrien

OPDS is about making life easier for the user. This means easier browsing in a catalog, easier way to redownload your content (bookshelf).

2012-02-23 19:42:13
wastemobile @wastemobile

@Hadrien Why not just add an special acquisition for ONIX file, just like EPUB3 could contain ONIX file? An OPDS Catalog for partners.

2012-02-23 19:49:34
Hadrien Gardeur @Hadrien

@wastemobile you want to transport ONIX metadata in OPDS ? You could already do that, it's just a link or an external namespace

2012-02-23 19:50:50
wastemobile @wastemobile

@Hadrien Yes, we are trying that way. Make a special bookshelf for B2B partner, with different account type.

2012-02-23 19:54:33
Hadrien Gardeur @Hadrien

@wastemobile no need for a different bookshelf or OPDS feed, just include a link@rel="alternate" in an entry with the mimetype for ONIX

2012-02-23 19:55:24
Hadrien Gardeur @Hadrien

@wastemobile mail me if you want my advices, I can probably help

2012-02-23 19:59:27
wastemobile @wastemobile

@Hadrien Thanks. We also work on generating proactive notification when product status change, a lot of things to do...XD

2012-02-23 20:16:50