#sagecon 3rd Sage Commons Congress

#sagecon の検索結果。http://sagecongress.org/WP/2012agenda/ についてのツイート。 4/22 23:30 更新中。 プレゼンテーション資料のPDFが上記サイトで公開されています。
Francois Grey @FrancoisGrey
Who needs experts? Not sure, but better decide soon. It's my talk title for #SageCon Sage Bionetworks Congress this time next week.
Brian M Bot @BrianMBot
Getting ready for my first #SageCon! Looking forward to sharing our work and learning from the myriad of participants - http://t.co/CgOFvFTf
Lilly Trials @LillyTrials
@brianmbot Me too! Going with a more experienced colleague (Tom Krohn) and look forward to a serious head/data dunking #SageCon ^jm
FORA.tv @foratv
Watch the @Sagebio Commons Congress LIVE 4/20 & 4/21 - full agenda here: http://t.co/vKZtXgiL #SageCon
Sage Bionetworks @Sagebio
Personal genomics experts David Haussler & George Church keynotes at #SageCon Friday; free webcast http://t.co/MpknODhb
Sage Bionetworks @Sagebio
Congrats to Adrien Treuille, winner Hartwell Open Network Innovation Award; citizen research gamification at #SageCon http://t.co/MpknODhb
Matthew Todd @MatToddChem
Off to @Sagebio #sagecon congress in SF. Looks like a great meeting - varied group, tough questions http://t.co/Y5TIwqYG
coding_doc @coding_doc
Watch out for @belvario @Sagebio #sagecon and ask him about @GenomicArts and @wilbanks' portable legal consent to Research #PLC
Lance Stewart @LJStewartTweet
Im looking forward to Open science crash course @Sagebio #sagecon congress in SF. Thinking about patients! http://t.co/XDONK4mE
BI OMS @OpenMicScience
Sage Bionetworks Moves from Thinking Stage to Doing Stage | Xconomy http://t.co/ktJog6JK via @xconomy #sagecon
Sage Commons @sagecongress
Moving beyond the current medical information system: Follow @SageBio for Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress Fri-Sat #SageCon
Sharon F. Terry @sharonfterry
We are hardwired for the yes/no. We need contextual models/maps with nuanced contours. Stephen Friend #SageCon warming up!
Lilly Trials @LillyTrials
Showing that #OpenScience is real RT @sagebio: Sage Bionetworks Moves from Thinking Stage to Doing Stage http://t.co/lRwd0aNR #Sagecon ^jm
BetterBio @betterbio
RAWK. RT @Sagebio: Sage Bionetworks Moves from Thinking Stage to Doing Stage @ldtimmerman http://t.co/HRRdcU6D #Sagecon #OpenScience
GA BioBank @GABioBank
@CPR4CFS Looking forward to #SageCon and learning more about @PlzSolveCFS research institute without walls #RIWW #citizenscience
Bas Bloem @basbloem
Off to @Sagebio #SageCon conference in #SanFrancisco, for 6 (!!) min TED-like talk on the future of research. #ParticipatoryResearch


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