いわゆるデジタル人文学(by NDL)の国際会議DH2013のツィートをハッシュタグで収集中です。
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Peter Leonard @pleonard
Photos from the Nebraska State Capitol, a side trip from #DH2013 http://t.co/dpAx5HeI2L
Andrew Prescott @Ajprescott
'Riffs on McCarty': reflections on challenges posed by Willard McCarty in his inspirational Busa lecture: http://t.co/1Fjgjjafv3 #DH2013
Journal of DH @JournalofDH
wishing you had a copy of a #dh2013 poster or talk? let us know you'd like to see it in @JournalofDH! http://t.co/v7EFvD5v2R
Wessel van Rensburg @wildebees
Looks interesting > The Network is Everting: the Death of Cyberspace http://t.co/y8Hh4VtH2q
RAAK Media Lab @RAAKonteurs
Looks interesting > The Network is Everting: the Death of Cyberspace http://t.co/bkrwQ48aHT
Day of DH @DayofDH
Announced in the joint @ADHOrg/@DHcenterNet meeting at #DH2013 - @MATRIX_MSU will again be organizing and hosting #DayofDH in 2014
Hannah @hskettler
It was wonderful to see so many people and projects at #DH2013. Thanks to all who made it possible!
Kudos to @CDRH_UNL, the program committee & all who made #DH2013 such a terrific event! Can't wait for #DH2014 http://t.co/yFjzQybHhV
Jason Scott @textfiles
I checked with @internetarchive's book scanner group, #DH2013 - they do NOT yellow pages to make them old. What they do is NOT WHITEN THEM.
DH 2013 @DH_2013
Also, we will be adding a page of photos to the website. If you have any you'd like to contribute, contact kdalziel2 at unl dot edu #DH2013
DH 2013 @DH_2013
FYI, for those waiting for video of keynotes: We are waiting on a third party to edit, and will put them up when done. #DH2013
Chris Long @cplong
Here is the Storify of the presentation: Ecosystem of Scholarly Dialogue at #DH2013 http://t.co/6YxYsG4XHS @grabill
Chris Long @cplong
@psutlt @gworthey @pmhswe You've been quoted in my #Storify story "Ecosystem of Scholarly Dialogue at #DH2013" http://t.co/6YxYsG4XHS
Grant Lew @GrantLew_24
2 days away from what is about to be one of the best vacations in history #DH2013 #mostdope #MobyDick
Jeff Grabill @grabill
Thanks! Checking it out. MT @cplong I'll live tweet my #DH2013 talk. Here is how to do it & why you might want to: http://t.co/w5NezyYNvO
Dale Askey @daskey
notes and commentary from Digital Humanities 2013 - new blog posts http://t.co/HA7nIHqbI3
Diane Jakacki @DianeJakacki
Back at #Bucknell reminiscing about #DH2013 - feeling nostalgic and looking forward to #DH2014