An excerpt from Mr. John Finnemore's Q&As

It would be a terrible loss to let those Q&As sink in the twitter archives. Thus this excerpt. (not all the answers, but some of them)
芸能 cabinpressure johnfinnermore
John Finnemore @JohnFinnemore
I am at a loose end until 11:30. Any questions?


Puns ponies & podcasts @glenatron
@JohnFinnemore Do you have a favourite "Since you ask..." story?
John Finnemore @JohnFinnemore
@glenatron The first one I wrote, 'Eagling', I'm sentimentally attached to. I think the best is probably the nested ghost / goat story.


bonnie langford stan account @LivvyParrot
@JohnFinnemore do dogs have belly buttons? If yes, where the hell are they?
John Finnemore @JohnFinnemore
@LivvyPerrett A) Yes. Two. B) I have sworn never to tell.


viago the dandy @thelilnan
@JohnFinnemore What do you do between writing and recording shows?
John Finnemore @JohnFinnemore
@thelilnan I am copying @DavidTylerPozz in on this, because I think it will amuse him. Let's just say, that's not always much of a gap.


Elf_ert @elfbert
@JohnFinnemore are platypus the coolest sentient beings in the universe?
John Finnemore @JohnFinnemore
@elfbert They are an excellent second place. But the title goes to the Flying Fox.



Casey Madden @casedawg9
@JohnFinnemore did "little" Martin and "paramount" Martin ever go for that pint after?
John Finnemore @JohnFinnemore
@casedawg9 Yes. They're sort of friends now. Not good friends, but they go to the pub now and then, & Martin housesits for Martin sometimes.


viago the dandy @thelilnan
@JohnFinnemore Follow up: do you meet up with friends from your shows for coffee and such?


I am Text Aviary's Anxious Despair. @simonscott1975
@JohnFinnemore Which came first with the pizza widget song, the information, or the idea for the song?
John Finnemore @JohnFinnemore
@simonscott1975 First, idea for a sketch about future archeologists finding them and wondering what they were. Then, research. Then, song.