Charleston Shooting

Tyler Lewis @MusicCityTyler

Praying I live to see the day when it doesn't matter whether your skin is black, white, red or yellow. #CharlestonStrong

2015-06-18 21:23:58
Bipartisan Report @Bipartisanism

BREAKING: @FoxNews host: "It's extraordinary that the #CharlestonShooting is being called a hate crime."

2015-06-18 23:43:03
Jamal Dajani جمال @JamalDajani

@RawStory: South Carolina is home to at least 19 known hate groups

2015-06-19 01:00:58
The Press Democrat @NorthBayNews

A friend says Sonoma State student, cousin killed in balcony collapse were 'super close'

2015-06-19 01:08:21
Al Jazeera America @ajam

Police arrest suspect in deadly South Carolina church attack #CharlestonShooting

2015-06-19 01:16:17
Washington Examiner @dcexaminer

Carson on Charleston: 'I worry about a new hate' growing in America

2015-06-19 01:17:10
meg @megsholland98

it's sad that the safest place you can go to can also be the most dangerous. praying for the people who were affected #CharlestonStrong

2015-06-19 01:41:13
The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Obama on the #CharlestonShooting: "I’ve had to make statements like this too many times."

2015-06-19 02:39:44
リンク WSJ Transcript of President Obama’s Remarks on Charleston Shootings President Barack Obama said that the U.S. must eventually reckon with the frequency of mass shootings and gun violence, in remarks following the shooting deaths of nine people at a historic black church in South Carolina. Here is the transcript of his rem
PAN @pan77111

From Japan, I will pray for the brothers and sisters who were killed. It was too sad news. #CharlestonShooting

2015-06-19 02:51:50
Carrie Johnson @johnson_carrie

Next steps in @CivilRights @FBI investigation of #CharlestonShooting - probing motivations of suspect, interviews w friends/family & email

2015-06-19 02:54:45
Aaron Blake @AaronBlake

A striking image that shows politics never rests -- even amid Charleston's tragedy

2015-06-19 03:01:28
Reuters @Reuters

#CharlestonShooting suspect sat with churchgoers for an hour before opening fire, police say:

2015-06-19 03:02:05
John Lewis @repjohnlewis

I’ve been to Charleston many, many times. I have spoken in many of these churches, and this makes my heart hurt. I feel like crying.

2015-06-19 03:05:28
John Lewis @repjohnlewis

How many more shootings must we endure? How many more human beings must be murdered before we say we must put an end to gun violence?

2015-06-19 03:06:39
PAN @pan77111

WHY do you have to overcome?

2015-06-19 03:08:52