2017/04/17- 04/30 #twhz 21h(JST)/ English Susumu Hirasawa's stream of tweets starting at 21:00 JST in all except Wednesdays, which often is challenging to comprehend even for native Japanese speakers. Despite that, some multilingual fans are attempting to translate his tweets into English for better understanding. [NOTE] Translations here are NOT authorized by nor affliated with Mr. Hirasawa and they may contain mistakes and errors. 続きを読む
Susumu Hirasawa × Kaku P-MODEL DVD HYBRID PHONON

Released on April 13, 2017 Now on sale

リンク DVD HYBRID PHONON|Susumu Hirasawa (P-MODEL) Official site 平沢進・公式サイト The official site of Susumu Hirasawa, a musician who is well known as the leader of the band P-MODEL. 6

Note : DVD HYBRID PHONON's image and audio are so high-quality than these digests.
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リンク Entries in alphabetical order People as well as characters are listed by their last name. 005Harry 4-D AC Unit Aggregated Past Aki Ra AKIYAMA, Katsuhiko Amiga ANDOH, So Anti-Vistoron Ao no Ma ARAKI, Yasuhiro Archetype...

平沢進関連用語集・英語版 Hirasawa Glossary


I will have an extended an-hour-and-half special streaming next week.
平沢進・公式サイト @Hirasawa_Info

【平沢進のBack Space Pass 景観する循環カフェ編 延期のお知らせ】 4月30日の放送は、音声の不具合により5月7日に延期となりました。大変申し訳ございませんが、ご了承ください。

2017-04-30 21:31:09
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz @Hirasawa_Info 【Susumu Hirasawa Back Space Pass on "Junkan Cafe"】April 30's show rescheduled to May 7 due to sound equipment problem.

2017-04-30 22:24:41
リンク Hirasawa Glossary Back Space Pass (バック・スペース・パス) Series of live streams held at Hirasawa’s whim, generally with a Q&A aspect. The first one was made to promote The Method of the Live 2: The Magic for introduction, on the second Hirasawa reflected on...
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz No problem with my health condition.

2017-04-30 22:35:04
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa


2017-04-30 21:33:23
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz I will have an extended an-hour-and-half special streaming next week.

2017-04-30 22:38:04
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa


2017-04-30 21:35:17
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz I will show you the GoPro video briefly, too.

2017-04-30 22:41:41
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

苺食べたった。 二房食べたった。

2017-04-30 21:43:23
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz I had some strawberries. I had two bunches.

2017-04-30 23:25:32
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa


2017-04-30 21:48:04
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz I wanted to use this microphone windscreen in case I have a sudden cough, but I didn't use it because you guys would squeal...

2017-04-30 23:50:18
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz ...with delight to see it for sure.

2017-04-30 23:50:30
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa


2017-04-30 21:52:35
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz I have been feeding and raising it for a long time for the day like this comes.

2017-04-30 23:52:27
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa


2017-04-30 21:54:24