#twittermodeltrainshow 世界中の鉄道模型マニアが自慢の模型を投稿

Cheadle Hill #TMRGUK @CheadleHill

Good evening @MrTimDunn , in these strange times we need things to keep us smiling. Any chance you can re-tweet the #TwitterModelTrainShow planned for the 21st March. Please come along! twitter.com/CottonTreeRail…

2020-03-18 07:49:24
Tim Dunn @MrTimDunn

Saturday’s London Festival of Railway Modelling is cancelled; plus many people are feeling isolated too. So @CottonTreeRail has suggested we railway modellers, (tbh, well-practised #SelfIsolation experts!) create #TwitterModelTrainShow. I’m in - see you & your trains there!🚂🚅🚃 pic.twitter.com/jpR5tVPg0G

2020-03-18 17:26:12
骨まで大洋ファンby革洋同@8/8-9スターナイト @FanTaiyo

イギリスで新型ウイルス対策で鉄道模型ショーが中止になったので、 Twitter上で鉄道模型ショーを #TwitterModelTrainShow のハッシュタグでやろうという話があるようですので、日本からも是非。 twitter.com/MrTimDunn/stat…

2020-03-19 07:08:35
Cheadle Hill #TMRGUK @CheadleHill

@FanTaiyo Looking forward to seeing model railways from our Japanese friends🇯🇵🇬🇧🇦🇺

2020-03-19 07:41:41
Cheadle Hill #TMRGUK @CheadleHill

Need to clean up the layout for the weekend so am just running the Hoover around👍 #TwitterModelTrainShow pic.twitter.com/ZU6spS2PFR

2020-03-19 07:55:31
9355A 沈黙のまぼろしブタ野郎&パンツァーオールスターズF-1.0 @voyager1996

#TwitterModelTrainShow 英国紳士も良いことをやるじゃないか (なぞの上から目線)(車輌の整備状態劣悪)

2020-03-19 16:18:50
Coach Scoones @coach_scoones

I've always wanted to exhibit at a model railway show, didn't expect to be doing it in 2020 but I'm thrilled by the idea of the #TwitterModelTrainShow @CottonTreeRail I'm definitely on board. Here's a sneak peek at Watling Street; my fictional, 1930-1940s north Kent layout pic.twitter.com/p3YBMkfjKK

2020-03-19 19:18:04
Gizmodo UK @GizmodoUK

The London Festival of Railway Modelling has been cancelled, like everything else, but it's taking the party online and are encouraging everyone to share their rail builds virtually #TwitterModelTrainShow #SelfIsolation #coronavirus buff.ly/2U09crw pic.twitter.com/SEmb56QpjM

2020-03-19 20:30:29
SimOnTrains (Cyber Trades/Simon Poole) @Sim0nTrains

#TwitterModelTrainShow shall be uploading these videos on my YouTube channel over the weekend, Sim0nTrains MRS (Model Railway Showcase) from the London Festival of Railway Modelling from 2 years ago. pic.twitter.com/qw7KCv87U5

2020-03-19 20:47:35
Davis Harrigan (Digi) @DeadlineDavis

#TwitterModelTrainShow joining in with this - DC, 2 independent tracks, Aussie and British stock - no particular era or theme but mighty proud of what has been achieved on this in a small room!! pic.twitter.com/jf4eLWmAWG

2020-03-19 21:25:19
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