ICWSM2012 Day 2

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Marie Boran @marievonboran

Lada Adamic 'The information of social' about to speak: Michigan prof & working with Facebook at mo. #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:06:47
Simon Lindgren @simonlindgren

Lada Adamic: "The information life of social" #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:07:37
Marie Boran @marievonboran

Adamic's study is on the influence of social networks on sharing information, looking at strong & weak ties. #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:07:45
Sina Samangooei @sinjax

So the primary role of social networks is to amplify information. I thought it was 'doing stuff'. So many primary roles! #ICWSM

2012-06-06 17:08:44
Simon Lindgren @simonlindgren

Discussion of how to tell correlation from influence on Facebook by @ladamic at #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:11:33
Nathaniel Poor @natpoor

Lara Adamic telling us that yes indeed, Facebook messes with your feed on purpose. #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:12:03
ICWSM @icwsm

Adamic's study: Users exposed to friend's links are 7.3x more likely to share that link than other discovery method of same link. #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:12:31
Simon Lindgren @simonlindgren

Do people just share same links because of common interests, or are they actually influenced by seeing links in friends' feeds? #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:12:47
Nick Diakopoulos @ndiakopoulos

It's not independent just because it's not shared on FB - there's other platforms as well as word of mouth b/t friends #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:13:11
CJ Hutto @cjhutto

.@sinjax sharing info is 1 kind of 'stuff' to do ;) Primary role(s) of SM depend on context & always rely on the social aspect #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:14:26
Marie Boran @marievonboran

Novel information more likely to travel between weak ties. #facebook #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:14:39
Simon Lindgren @simonlindgren

Are close friends more influential? Users are often more likely to share content as a result of weak ties (@ladamic at #icwsm)

2012-06-06 17:15:34
Sina Samangooei @sinjax

Likely to share stuff your friends share, also better friends (in more photos, more comments etc.) more likely to share. Expected.#ICWSM

2012-06-06 17:16:15
vince silenzio, md, mph 🇺🇳🆚🖖🏳️‍🌈 @mudblood

Users are much more likely to share information from their ‘weak ties’ — @ladamic #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:17:13
Marie Boran @marievonboran

Collectively, weak ties on Facebook influence more. Implications: many weak ties make for diverse info. #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:17:23
Simon Lindgren @simonlindgren

Weak ties influence more than strong ties. Novel information more likely to travel than info from close friends similar to us #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:17:47
Ian Soboroff @ian_soboroff

@icwsm "The Information Life of Social", a spoonerism of an old book by John Seely Brown.

2012-06-06 17:17:48
Stuart Geiger @staeiou

@davelester @staeioubot Great paper on the social influence of bots presented yesterday at #icwsm:

2012-06-06 17:18:15
Richard McCreadie @richardm_

Currently listening to #icwsm keynote: majority of interation on facebook happen between people connected by weak ties not strong ones

2012-06-06 17:18:18
CJ Hutto @cjhutto

Keep operational definition of 'influence' in mind... it is nontrivial to the strong/weak tie argument of FB influence #ICWSM

2012-06-06 17:19:41
andreasaurus 🦕 @andicat

@ndiakopoulos yep. Hard to account for multiple channels in study design. #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:19:46
Marie Boran @marievonboran

Dana is talking about memes and how we're getting played by information. #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:19:48
Katrin Weller @kwelle

words associated with viral images on facebook: click, vote, help but also: funny, cute etc. #icwsm

2012-06-06 17:21:19