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I will send you guys out to pasture. - No Tw(hz) tonight.

Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

Tw(hz)などという不謹慎なことしてる場合ではないので、今宵はオマエタチを放牧する。 そして、またこんど!

2017-03-14 19:34:43
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz I have no time to Tw(hz) which means dodging work, I will send you guys out to pasture tonight. And see you later!

2017-03-14 22:32:44

Viewing the Circulation Cafe (景観する循環カフェ/Keikan Suru Junkan Cafe)
On March 15,16,17 - Star Pine's Cafe (@spc_1997) at Kichijouji, Tokyo.
Additional shows for club members who couldn't attend October and November 2016.

リンク Hirasawa Glossary Viewing the Circulation Cafe (景観する循環カフェ/Keikan Suru Junkan Cafe) Series of Green Nerve exclusive live concerts performed on the 1st of October, the 1st, 16th and 17th of November 2016. Only 150 fans could attend each show. In order to do so, Green Nerve members had...


"I have Synth1."
"That's a picture. Do you make music with a picture?"

Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

新品のシャツにすり減った靴を履いた男が土間に立っていた。 オマエ、また来たのか…。 そのシャツは…。

2017-03-13 21:00:36
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz A man in a brand new shirt and worn out shoes was standing on the dirt floor at the entrance. You came again... What is that shirt...?

2017-03-13 22:20:13
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

「買ったんだ」 「800バーツだな。一品物だからな。ところでどうやって支払った?」 「オマエにつけといた」 「私のフリはやめろ」

2017-03-13 21:05:09
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz "I bought it." "It must have been 800 baht or so because it's a made-to-order. How did you pay for it, by the way?"

2017-03-13 22:30:03
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz "I charged it to your account." "Don't pretend you are me."

2017-03-13 22:30:21
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

「今日は何しに来た。青の間は埋まってるぞ」 「手伝いに来た」 「ソリーナもmini moogもarp2600もここには無いぞ。オマエに手伝える事はない」 「じゃ、何なら有る?」

2017-03-13 21:09:49
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz "What did you come here for today? Ao no Ma studio is occupied." "I came to help you."

2017-03-13 22:41:28
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz "I don't have any Solina, Mini moog, or arp2600 here. You have nothing to help me." "Then, what do you have?"

2017-03-13 22:42:13
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

「Synth1だ」 「そんなの知らんぞ、見せてみろ」 「これだ、見ろ。めんどくさい」 「それは絵だろう?オマエは絵で音楽を作るのか?」

2017-03-13 21:14:29
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz "I have Synth1." "Never heard of it. Show it to me." "This is it. Look. You annoy me."

2017-03-13 22:51:19
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz "That's just a picture. Do you make music with a picture?"

2017-03-13 22:51:36
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

「ああ、そうだ。全部絵だ。ミキサーもエフェクターも全部絵だ。本物じゃない」 「その口調、聞いたことあるな」 「フリンジの見すぎだ」

2017-03-13 21:19:09
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz "Oh, yeah. Everything is a picture. The mixer and the effector and everything. They're all fake."

2017-03-13 23:14:10
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz "I know someone talks like that." "I watch Fringe too much."

2017-03-13 23:14:28
Susumu Hirasawa @hirasawa

「ライブ会場も絵なのか?」 「そうしたいね」 「オマエは絵か?」 「私の絵はあちこちに有るが、私は絵じゃない。早く帰れ。もう23 分経過してる」

2017-03-13 21:24:00
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz "Your live shows are pictures, too?" "I wish I could make them so." "Are you a picture, too?"

2017-03-13 23:21:08
Lucy @Lucy1205

#twhz "My pictures are everywhere, but I am not a picture. Go home now. It's been 23 minutes already."

2017-03-13 23:22:36